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Follett Hardware Solutions provide the right tools to create and support your digital learning environment.

From interactive whiteboards, student response systems and advanced inventory and tracking, trust Follett to enrich the connection between students, teachers, curriculum and the world beyond the classroom with the latest technology tools that support digital learning.

Follett Hardware Solutions help students, librarians, teachers and administrators…

•    Ways to make learning more engaging and interactive.
•    Critical tools to support digital learning.
•    New ways to collaborate through multimedia.
•    Teachers with tools to move the classroom to the digital learning environment.
•    Students with digital content for engaging interaction.
•    With students through hands-on lessons for immediate feedback.
•    Staff with tools and supplies to streamline inventory and manage resources.

•    How everyday lessons come alive through technology and collaboration.
•    Ways to optimize lessons that capture attention.
•    How to maximize student participation with real-time response technology.

We offer the right hardware—with Follett Firmware to ensure accuracy, full functionality and compatibility—to support your Follett Software solutions.

Many items and their accessories are available for quick online purchasing through Learn more

Follett 2500 RFID System

Make book circulation easier, inventory faster, and provide simpler security in your library.  Learn more

Follett 4200 Student Response Systems

Put interactive learning at your student's fingertips.  Learn more

Follett 3600 Interactive Whiteboard

Transform your libraries and classrooms into hubs of digital learning.  Learn more

7100 Wireless Scanner

Lightest, fastest wireless inventory scanner. Learn more

5100 Barcode Scanner

Makes circulation fast and easy. Learn more

Follett Infigo Receipt Printer

The fastest receipt printer we’ve ever offered. Learn more

Follett Barcode Labels

Help identify your resources. Learn more

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