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Aspen Curriculum and Learning Management System

Aspen Curriculum and Learning© provides a bridge between students' homes and the classroom, creating a new, collaborative way to learn with parents, teachers, and other students.

  • Curriculum maps are digitally shared  and integrated into classrooms
  • Built to align standards to curriculum
  • Professional Development tracker and student performance tracker collect and deliver on students and faculty directly to administrators
  • Planner helps track events and keep classes aligned with state-specific standards through changing school schedules
  • Gradebook immediately updates class grades and shares information with students, parents and other school and district members.
  • Classroom Pages promotes realtime student collaboration outside of the classroom, incorporating file sharing and Google Docs

  • Student and Parent Portals allow access to grades, course materials and event schedules outside of the classroom.
  • Blogs for individuals, teams, or groups
  • Online quizzes, tests, surveys and polls, including the option to have quizzes and tests auto-scored to the gradebook
  • Easy access to email for all students, contacts and their other teachers, either as a group or individually
  • A "My Resources" digital filing cabinet for organizing online and uploaded content, including shared folders for classes, groups, teams and clubs 
  • A digital locker for saving links from a search, as well as for uploading content and even organizing Google Docs