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Resource Management

The need for processes to better manage educational resources is a concern for all school districts. Having a complete picture of what you own, where it is, and knowing where it needs to be allows districts to maximize resources, minimize the cost of lost assets, more accurately forecast for future purchases and ensure students have access to the materials they need to succeed. Follett School Solutions’ integrated educational technologies automate best practices in school asset management.

Destiny Asset Manager

Maximize the value of your fixed and portable assets.
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Destiny Textbook Manager

Ensure every student has the books they need to succeed.
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Destiny Library Manager

Deliver centralized resource management and provides an engaging and collaborative environment.
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Physical Textbooks. Electronic Learning Devices. Manage them all.

By providing systems for maintaining and accessing resource information, we help your district gain control over educational resource spending and provide a districtwide view of all of your educational resources. While budget constraints are usually the key driver for improving school asset management, there are many other benefits to gaining control over the vast inventory of instructional materials, computers and equipment and all the other items teachers and students require for success.

Ensure timely access

Managing inventories across multiple buildings can be particularly challenging. Our resource management solutions help you make sure those textbooks, laptop carts and student workbooks are available when and where they’re needed.

Advance accountability and reporting requirements

Shrinking budgets lead to growing scrutiny over how every educational dollar is spent. This puts increasing pressure on administrators to prove that money is appropriated responsibly—while also making sure that each student is being properly and equitably supplied. Follett school asset management solutions make it easier for districts to track, document and report on their effectiveness in matching educational resources with student needs.

Don’t overload IT

When moving from manual systems to automated processes, districts are often apprehensive about how this will impact their information technology resources. Our solutions operate on a browser-based platform requiring no site-based installation, simplifying both implementation and annual upgrades. We can even host your solutions at our enterprise-class data center, leaving your network and servers—and the tech staff who support them—free for other priorities.

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