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Library Management

With Destiny Library management software, librarians play a key role in creating an engaging learning and discovery environment for K-12 students. Today’s school librarians need to be tech-savvy and intuitive about the learning styles and needs of each student. Besides managing administrative tasks, there is also a growing need for school librarians to collaborate more closely with classroom teachers in driving student achievement and helping students develop critical thinking, problem-solving and information search skills.

Destiny Library Manager

Deliver centralized resource management and provides an engaging and collaborative environment.
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Destiny Quest

Provide a highly graphic, engaging web interface for the K-12 digital native.
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Digital Content Subscriptions

Follet School Solutions' library management systems turn your library into a "knowledge center" that can help drive student achievement.
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Spend more time with students

Many librarians are now their school’s go-to person for technology education—for teachers as well as students. This trend underscores the need for school libraries to employ updated library management software that allows them to more effectively manage print, online and digital resources, ensure access to safe, educator-approved websites and resources aligned to standards, improve reporting and accountability, and support individualized instruction. Follett School Solutions’ library management systems are designed to help each library in your district work more efficiently, freeing up resources to devote to student learning.

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