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Who? What? When? Where? Track all the details about your devicesDestiny Asset Manager will help you find, keep and effectively use just about any asset in your district.

Schools or districts who want to make sure assets are accessible to the people who need them most with the best possible budget outcomes choose Destiny Asset Manager.

Download the Destiny Asset Manager Brochure [PDF]

Its advanced inventory tracking capabilities are uniquely suited for K-12 schools, helping monitor resources from digital learning devices to special education equipment and everything in between.  From tracking laptops and projectors to managing band uniforms and special needs equipment, Destiny Asset Manager allows everyone in your district to see what’s available and easily request the materials they need. And Destiny Asset Manager’s lifecycle management and depreciation reporting help your district make smarter decisions by helping you accurately forecast and budget for future needs.

Free up budget dollars and staff time

An asset tracking software, Destiny Asset Manager is designed specifically for the needs of K-12 schools and districts. And with the growing importance of device management as you move from print to digital, Destiny Asset Manager helps you track and manage expensive student and staff devices down to the classroom and individual level.

Destiny Asset Manager is a school district asset tracking software that helps districts streamline education inventory tracking processes to free staff time and budget dollars for more important initiatives.  Reduced losses and the elimination of purchasing redundancies will save your district money, making critical budget dollars available for other expenditures.

Achieve asset transparency

With Destiny Asset Manager, teachers and staff can quickly locate materials when they are needed for specific lessons or student projects, with item status and availability easily accessible by all stakeholders, anytime, from any site.

Your district can assign specific asset resources to departments, buildings, staff or students, while intuitive distribution and collection procedures improve accountability for their care. Destiny Asset Manager also provides the resources to demonstrate to taxpayers that you are spending education dollars responsibly, helping you avoid potential litigation over inequitable asset distribution.

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Destiny Asset Manager’s reliable technology for tagging and scanning school barcodes, along with simple processes for viewing and ordering materials, instill district wide confidence in K-12 education inventory counts and help reduce hoarding.

Protect funding

Destiny Asset Manager makes it easy to track and report on each item’s funding sources, reducing compliance issues that might jeopardize future funding.  By enabling districts to track funding sources and prepare appropriate reports, Destiny Asset Manager provides the protection and reinforcement districts need to demonstrate responsible use of resources when it's time for audits or media inquiries.   Standard and custom reporting options also ensure that local, state and federal data requirements can be met.

Destiny Asset Manager is part of the Destiny suite of resource management solutions, integrated and built on one platform that is simple to manage and maintain.

Destiny Asset Manager provides solutions that help districts and school staff and administrators:

•    An easier way to track and manage K-12 assets and expensive student and staff devices down to the classroom and individual level.
•    How to successfully manage your district’s 1-to-1 initiatives.
•    The importance of device management as you move from print to digital.

•    Accountability for assets to specific individuals.
•    With a proven system designed for K-12 school processes.
•    Administrators with a district-wide, dashboard view of assets.

•    Location, condition and availability of every asset.
•    How to improve order accuracy and reduce over-ordering.
•    How flexible, on-demand reporting helps you meet federal, state and local requirements or audits.


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