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Aspen Student Information System

Aspen offers much more than the standard SIS. 
Combining multiple databases into one powerful and cost
effective learning solution, Aspen tracks class
schedules, school events, overall student performance,
athletic eligibility, student health records and puts unique
and impressive learning tools in the hands of educators.
  • SIS fully integrated with LMS, Special Education, Health, Curriculum and digital learning tools
  • With Master Scheduling administrators and teachers can arrange class and event schedules that best fits the needs of the students
  • The health database puts student medical information in the hands of nurses and tracks individual health needs
  • The eligibility Report for coaches tracks player eligibility by district specific guidelines
  • Easy to use and navigate, giving quick access to data
  • Each user has a single login for the whole system


  • The State Reporting feature collects all information required by state specific guidelines and prepares this information to be sent to officials.
  • Equally effective in districts of all sizes
  • Can meet the scalability requirements of any size district
  • Provides access to timely, actionable data 24/7
  • Generates consistent, accurate data