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Who? What? When? Where? Track all the details about your devicesDestiny Textbook Manager will help you master your textbook budget and meet the digital movement head-on.

It's the solution of choice for schools and districts who want to stop losing money on textbooks, start stretching budgets and prepare for the move to digital instructional materials.
Destiny® textbook management software provides districts with a more efficient way to bring textbook costs under control, circulate and track instructional materials, and ensure every student has the materials they need to succeed.

Explore ways to save money by effectively managing your textbook inventory. View the interactive video

Download the Destiny Textbook Manager Brochure [PDF]

Reduce textbook management costs

Destiny Textbook manager puts books and classroom materials where they're needed most, which prevents unnecessary expenditures on replacements-and the money you save can help fund digital textbook initiatives.

Destiny Textbook Manager provides a district-wide view of textbook inventory, facilitating the transfer of instructional materials and lowering replacement costs. This comprehensive view of your district’s inventory helps you compare future needs with existing textbook inventory allowing you to forecast more accurately and eliminate excess inventory and costs.

Ensure student success with access to print and digital instructional materials

Digital Textbook Manager promotes accountability and ensures equitable access to both print and digital textbooks.  We make sure every student in every school has the books they need, every teacher has the teaching materials they need, and new books are ordered only when they're absolutely necessary to schools can save the money they need to do other things.

Bottom line, student success can be accomplished only if students have access to the instructional materials they need—but that doesn’t simply entail ordering the right number of books. Districts also need to make certain that the right books end up in the right place at the right time and that the materials last as long as possible.

Destiny Textbook Manager makes it easy to ensure that all teachers and students, district wide, are provided with all appropriate current curriculum materials, including intervention and supplemental materials. You’ll be able to confidently report that students have the materials they need to succeed.

Improve accountability

The typical school district loses 5% to 10% of their instructional materials each year. Costs of replacing lost textbooks, plus the staff costs associated with tracking down those materials put unnecessary strain on already tight district budgets.

Destiny Textbook Manager gives you the tools you need to implement a textbook management system that improves accountability of students, parents and schools. Destiny Textbook Manager also makes you more successful at recouping the costs of lost or damaged textbooks.  And we're meeting the digital learning movement head-on with effective ways to manage eTextbooks, too.

Destiny Textbook Manager is part of the Destiny suite of resource management solutions, integrated and built on one platform that is simple to manage and maintain.

Destiny Textbook Manager provides solutions that help district and school staff...


  • One system that can grow with your district and save your money on resources while you transition from print to digital.
  • Improved efficiencies through accurate tracking, circulation and transfers.
  • Students and staff with the current curriculum materials.
  • Students with the instructional resources they need to succeed.
  • School across your district to ensure resources are in the right place at the right time.
  • How better instructional materials inventory and resource accountability can save money and keep costs down.
  • How easy report generation helps your district comply with equitable access laws and mandates.
  • How to move beyond textbook tracking to print and digital instructional materials management.
See how Destiny Textbook Manager supports Groton Public Schools ability to control textbook costs and ensure that students have access to the right books at the right time.
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Higley USD (AZ) was able to open a new elementary school without purchasing any new textbooks, saving the district $500,000.
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Two school districts talk about why they chose Destiny Textbook Manager and how it has impacted their students and their teachers.
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