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Support the life cycle of your educational tools with a complete spectrum of Resource Management Technologies
Make confident decisions with insight from quality data using the tools and processes of TetraData
Improve teacher effectiveness and easily analyze results with Aspen
Boost performance and support growth at every level with best practices in Professional Learning
Inspire, engage and energize K12 learners for maximum student achievement with Aspen
Create a stronger connection between the classroom and the library with Destiny Library Manager
Inspire, engage and energize K-12 learners for maximum student achievement with Aspen
Measure the effects that instructional programs have on teaching and learning with TetraData
Drive library efficiency and create a more engaging and collaborative learning environment with Destiny Library Manager
Enhance learning and transform your library into a "knowledge center" with Enriched Content Subscriptions
Rely on your Follett team for the most comprehensive data and technology support and Services
Maximize technology investments and support student success through proven Solutions
Destiny 13.5 is now available: Check out this great webinar that highlights the transition from Textbook Manager to Resource Manager, and how it benefits you.
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Destiny 14.5 is now available!

Learn about the latest new features in the Destiny 14.5 release.
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