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Middle School Librarian in Tennessee wins Technology Package from Follett Software

August 30, 2011 · 2 Comments

Winning the Follett Software technology prize will give Macon County Junior High School a much needed opportunity

Tabitha Wakefield, the librarian at Macon County Junior High School in Lafayette, Tennessee, entered her school into the drawing after completing an email survey Follett sent to users of a Follett library system that can easily migrate to Destiny® Library Manager™.  Each person who responded to the survey was eligible for the Student Engagement prize, which included two FLIP video cameras, two iPads, 2 wireless keyboards, and accessory packs.

The win comes at a good time for Macon County Junior Follett SurveyHigh, a school where 50% of the students are on free and reduced lunch programs. "With all the budget cuts, I don't have anything left for technology, and many of our students don't have access to these kinds of learning tools. Winning this prize will give some kids opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have," Tabitha told us.

Follett Software Company is committed to the use of technology in schools, and that committment was illustrated again recently when a $2,000 Student Engagement prize package was awarded to one fortunate librarian who exclaimed, "I never win anything!"

The happy librarian explained that the middle school has a large television at the entrance for school news, and she can imagine the students' delight when they see their own book commercials on display. "In the past, I've worked with the school's reading coach on ways to get kids more engaged, but we were so limited due to budget restrictions," she said. "Now with these new resources, we can act on some of the ideas we had to get students excited about books, reading, and the library."

Macon County Junior High will use Technology Tools from Follett Software to increase their student's engagement

Tabitha told us that she is excited about the possibilities that are now available to her students and her library program with the addition of these new technology tools. "I never expected to win, so I don't really have a plan in place for the many things we can do with this new equipment," she said. "However, we know for sure that we'll get kids working on book reviews and doing 'commercials' for their favorite books with the FLIP cameras."

At the moment, Tabitha and her colleagues have been downloading different educational apps for the iPads, and exploring the myriad ways they can use them in the library this fall.

The coming school year is now even more exciting for Tabitha, as she imagines the increase in student engagement that's sure to follow once she introduces the kids to the new tools. "Students are so into technology now, you really have to keep up with them to hold their interest," she said. "I'm so glad I entered that drawing—there is no way we could have this equipment without winning!"


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