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Save the date: $100K Follett Challenge

January 12, 2011 · 7 Comments

$100K Follett ChallengeStarting February 1, 2011, Follett will be accepting applications for the first-ever $100K Follett Challenge. Mark your calendars and start planning your entry now!

Recognizing innovation
Follett believes that librarians are finding ways to help students perform better in school. In recognizing the strong link between library programs and student success, the Follett Challenge’s goal is to find the best innovations in school libraries.

The contest advocates for the role librarians play as champions of school programs that drive student achievement. How can a librarian actively championing an information literacy-based school program for students enter?  

  • An online entry form will become available on February 1. Questions will uncover how the library program makes use of technology and content to improve student engagement, as well as how the program could be improved and/or expanded.
  • Produce and upload a 3-to-5 minute video describing the program.
  • The judges, comprised of library and educational professionals, will be looking for schools that do the most outstanding job of applying technology, content and creativity in ways that engage students, foster literacy and critical thinking.

What can you win?
There are six chances to win. Five prizes, including a $35,000 first place prize, will be awarded by a panel of judges. A sixth $10,000 prize will be awarded based on online voting for the best video. These prizes will be good toward Follett products and services.

Applications open February 1, 2011 and close on June 1, 2011. Popular vote begins June 23, 2011. Good luck, and keep checking back to for updates. Or, Like the Challenge on Facebook.

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WeAreTeachers: Is your school library a window to the world?

October 05, 2010 · 6 Comments

Window to the worldThis month at WeAreTeachers, we are asking you to take us to the library. What are your thoughts on making your school library even better? Let us know and you could win cash and prizes. Contest ends 10/11/10.

The school library can be your students’ window to the world. We know you want to make it the best possible place to receive up-to-date, relevant information. Tell us your thoughts, ideas or projects for making it the premier place to promote learning, growth and collaboration, and we will help you get there with a $200 grant and prizes that include video cameras and an iPad.

What are your ideas for:

  • Familiarizing your students with how a library works.
  • Finding ways to make your school library even better.
  • Creating opportunities for using library resources in classroom learning.

Submit your best idea and you could win $200 to make it happen and your choice of Flip Video™ or iPod Nano® with video to capture your project in action. One winner will take home an iPad!

Click here and enter by October 11th. Then rally your colleagues, students and friends to vote for your submission and help you win.

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5 Ways to Foster Ownership of Your School Library

September 15, 2010 · 6 Comments

This post originally appeared on WeAreTeachers. Do you work with a teacher who fosters a library-classroom connection? Have an idea to submit? Apply for this microgrant today!

This month at WeAreTeachers, we want to know how you are fostering a great library program in your school, or what you would like to do to make your program even better. Our new grant, sponsored by Follett Software, asks, “What would $200 help you do with your school’s library?” Top ideas will be rewarded with a $200 grant as well as a Flip Video camera or iPod nano with video to help you capture the implementation of your project. Additionally, the top submission will get to take home an iPad!

In honor of this grant, we offer 5 great ways to create a sense of care and ownership for your school library.

  1. Make it the hub of student life. Many schools think the commons area or cafeteria should be where students congregate, but it doesn't have to be the only place. Try making your library the "Starbucks" of your school-a quiet, comfortable place to gather and relax. Remind your students that the library has all of their favorite magazines and that it's a place where they can get together to work on a project or complete assignments in the company of their friends.
  2. Help your librarian create a dynamic library environment by creating new reasons to visit the library. Hold a contest for the student who checks out books the most frequently (or the one who returns them on time). Create class projects that require library time. Allow students to "earn" free time in the library when possible.
  3. Create a connection to the librarians. Make sure your students know their school librarian and recognize him or her as a resource. Allow students to build a relationship with their librarian by hosting them in your classroom as a speaker, if possible. Have students participate in librarian appreciation days to make sure they recognize that their school librarian is the best!
  4. Comfort is Key. Making the library a place that students like to be will increase the time they spend there, thereby increasing the value of the library. 
  5. Have a library work day for extra credit. Allow students who help the librarian keep the library in order earn extra credit. After an hour of shelving books and picking up pencils and candy wrappers, they will think twice about how they treat their library and encourage their friends to do the same!

How would you use $200 to help your library? Let us know today!

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