Who? What? When? Where?

Finding your textbooks and devices shouldn’t be a guessing game. We’ll help you manage them all, with
one simple solution.

Introducing the Destiny® Textbook and Device Management Package.

Today’s students are the first to access learning through textbooks and a wide variety of devices, including eReaders, handhelds, netbooks, laptops, scientific calculators, smart phones and tablets. We’ll help your K-12 district easily manage them all, ensuring control, accountability, access and lowest ongoing costs.

You’ll be able to easily track inventory by district, building teacher and student. At the same time, you’ll reduce unnecessary new purchases, eliminate stockpiling and fully utilize your inventory. The system can even generate a letter to send to parents with a notation of fines, so you can recoup the costs.

At a glance, you’ll know:

  • Who they were assigned to
  • What books and devices they’re using
  • When they were distributed
  • Where they are when you need them

Protect your investment. Learn more today.

We have the experience to smoothly implement the Destiny Textbook and Device Management Package. Your solution will include project management, system installation and professional learning services to ensure a successful implementation. Our support team is available by phone or email to assist you. Just complete the form on the right and a Follett Software Company sales representative will contact you.


Please note: package offering is for purchase of 2 or more licenses.


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