Destiny 10.5 and Follett First Look Program

Follett is Pleased to announce the Follett First Look Program

Destiny 10.5 and the new FollettShelf/Digital Reader changes are available to select customers on September 21, 2012, through the
Follett First Look  program. The Follett First Look program is a select group of customers who will be working closely with Follett to provide timely and relevant feedback by using the platforms and content in a way that replicates their normal processes. This program will help to ensure that everything is working as expected, as well as to provide Follett with valuable information before the release is made available for all customers (including Follett Destiny Hosted customers) in the coming months. We are confident that this valuable exchange will help ensure all customers are better prepared to implement critical changes in their technical environments to support the move to digital learning.

To help prepare your system for the release of Destiny 10.5 we have provided resources for you to review at including the Destiny 10.5 Upgrade Checker to ensure your environment is ready for Destiny 10.5. 

Make Better Inventory Decisions



Destiny Asset Manager and Destiny Textbook Manager

  • Introducing the Dashboard! Districts can now make better informed decisions on their inventory with the quick, easy-to-view graphical view of their district's data. 


Prepare for a Move to Digital


Destiny Textbook Manager

  • Districts can now track e-textbook Licenses to a student.


Better Textbook Inventory Control


Destiny Textbook Manager

  • Destiny Textbook Manager customers can now place orders to their District Warehouse and use the available resources they have on hand.


Go Mobile with Follett



Destiny Library Manager, Destiny Textbook Manager, and Destiny Asset Manager

  • Destiny school-based staff can now leave their desk or office behind and perform basic Destiny circulation functions on the go! Follett Destiny mobile app puts the power of Destiny at your fingertips.



Increase Security and Accountability


Destiny Asset  Manager

  • Limit visibility- Staff members can only see their own assets.


 Exciting 10.5 Features

  • Destiny Asset Manager supports 1:1 initiatives! Flexibility with loan policies for assets.
  • Customer requested enhancements to FollettShelf/Destiny integration.
  • One Search free resources now pre-populate for users turning on One Search for the first time.
  • How-to videos in Destiny Help.


If you'd like to learn more about how Destiny 10.5 and FollettShelf/Digital Reader  please fill out the form below and a Consultant will contact you.

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