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Title: 526 - Study Program Information Note (R)

The Study Program Information Note (526 tag) of the
MARC 21 bibliographic record contains information 
about reading programs such as Accelerated Reader 
(AR) and Reading Counts (RC). It is also used for a 
variety of other reading and study programs. By 
including this tag the library tells the library 
user about programs that include the item and other 
information that would be helpful in deciding 
whether to use this book. 

Use the first indicator 0 for reading programs like 
Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts. Use the 
first indicator 8 when entering a note about a 
local study program or when subfield i is used. 

Subfield a contains the name of the study or 
reading program. Subfield b contains the interest 
level that is assigned to the item by the study 
program. Subfield c contains the reading level 
assigned by the program. Include subfields b and c 
when this information is available from the study 
program. The levels entered here may not always 
agree with the levels in the 521 tag. When the 
study program assigns point values to individual 
titles, include that information in subfield d. 
Subfield i contains any information that should 
precede the name of the study program. Subfield z 
contains a note that will display on the OPAC. Use 
this subfield for test numbers related to this item 
in the reading program or for information that will 
be useful to the library users. 


First  Display constant controller

     0 Reading program 

     8 No display constant generated 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined 


     a Program name (NR) 

     b Interest level (NR) 

     c Reading level (NR) 

     d Title point value (NR) 

     i Display text (NR) 

     x Non-public note (R) 

     z Public note (R) 

     5 Institution to which field applies (NR) 


This field ends with a period unless another mark
of punctuation (!, ?, -) is present.


     526 8  _aFall Festival Reading list.

     526 8  _iOctober 1998 selection for:
            _aHappy Valley Reading Club.

Accelerated Reader

     526 0  _aAccelerated Reader AR
            _xPull these items for a special 
              parent's viewing

     526 0  _aAccelerated Reader AR

     526 0  _aAccelerated Reader AR

Reading Counts

     526 0  _aReading Counts RC

     526 0  _aReading Counts RC

    526 0  _aReading Counts RC