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Title: 546 - Language Note (R)

The 546 Language Note tag of the MARC 21 
bibliographic record contains a textual note giving 
the language or languages of the item. The 546 tag 
can also be used to describe the alphabet or script 
used. With videorecordings, the 546 tag is also 
used to tell that the video is closed captioned. 
The information in the language note helps library 
users determine whether the item is in a language 
or form that they can use. 

AACR2 covers the language note with rule X.7B2. The 
X represents the chapter number depending on what 
type of media the librarian is cataloging. Chapter 
10, "Three-Dimensional Artefacts and Realia", does 
not contain a language note. 

RDA guideline provides instructions for 
recording the language of the content.  

The 546 tag has two subfields, a and b. The text of 
the language note goes into subfield a. Use 
subfield b for information about the alphabet or 
script used to record the language. 

In addition, coded information about languages 
appears in the 008 Fixed Fields tag and the 041 
Language Code tag. The information in the 546 tag 
must agree with these codes. 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined 

Second  Undefined
 blank Undefined 


     a Language note (NR) 

     b Information code or alphabet (R) 


This field ends with a period unless another mark
of punctuation (!, ?, -) is present.


     008/35-37 eng
     041 0  _aeng_afre_ager_arum_aspa 
     546    _aEnglish, French, German, Rumanian, 
              and Spanish.

     008/35-37 heb
     041 0  _aheb_ager
     546    _aHebrew and German.

     008/35-37 spa
     546    _aText in Spanish.

     008/35-37 fre
     041 0  _afre_aeng
     546    _aFrench and English on facing pages.

     008/35-37 fre
     041 0  _afre_beng_bfre_bger
     546    _aIn French; abstracts in French, 
              English, and German.

     008/35-37 ger
     546    _aIn German ;

     008/35-37 ara
     041 1  _aara_aeng_hara
     546    _aArabic text, phonetic transcription,
              and English translation.

     008/35-37 eng
     546    _aClosed-captioned.

     008/35-37 fre
     041 0  _afre_beng
     546    _aEnglish subtitles.

     008/35-37 ita
     041 0  _dita
     546    _aSung in Italian.