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Title: 555 - Cumulative Index/Finding Aids Note (R)

The 555 tag Cumulative Index/Finding Aids Note of 
the MARC bibliographic record contains a note on 
the presence of a cumulative index and/or finding 
aids for the item being cataloged. For serials, 
this field contains a statement of volumes and/or 
dates covered and a statement of location of these 
indexes. Indexes may be issued as part of an issue 
of the serial or issued separately. For visual 
materials or archival materials, this field 
contains information identifying administrative and 
intellectual control over the material being 

AACR2 covers the cumulative index note for serials 
with rule 12.7B17. 

RDA provides guidelines for recording this information

Subfield a contains the statement of the index or 
finding aid. Subfield b contains the availability 
source which is the organizational unit or vendor 
from which the finding aids may be obtained. A 
citation to a publisher or unpublished index or 
finding aid to the item being cataloged when it is 
not cataloged with the item is contained in 
subfield d. Subfield u contains a URL or URN that 
provides electronic access data. 

First  Display constant controller

 blank Indexes 

     0 Finding aids 

     8 No display constant generated 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined 


     a Cumulative index/finding aids note (NR) 

     b Availability source (R) 

     d Bibliographic reference (NR) 

     u Uniform Resource Identifer (R) 


This field ends with a period unless another mark 
of punctuation (!, ?, -) is present.


     555    _aVols.  1-20, 1927-1947, in v. 24.

     555    _aEach third volume is an index to all
              preceding volumes.

     555    _aIndex published separately every Dec.

     555    _aSubject index, v. 1-11 in v. 13. 
              Author-title index, v. 1-11 in v. 14.

     555 0  _dFlipwinkle, James, ed., Concordance 
              to the Jerome Manuscript (Harvard 
              University Press, 1946).

     555 8  _aFinding aid available on the