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Title: 586 - Awards Note (R)

The Awards Note (586 tag) of the MARC 21 
bibliographic record contains information 
pertaining to any awards given, or special 
distinction accorded to, a particular item. It may 
be in the form of a brief statement formulated by 
the cataloger or a quotation taken directly from 
the piece. This information is useful as a 
selection aid for parents and teachers who desire 
books of outstanding quality for children. It is 
also useful for the student who would like to 
examine a number of items that have received the
same award to determine common characteristics of 
award-winning writing and artistry. 

In AACR2 the 586 tag falls under the category of 
general notes (rule X.7B, X representing chapters 
1-12, depending upon the format.)  RDA provides
instructions on recording information on awards in stating to record information if it is considered 
important for identification or selection of the resource.


First  Display constant controller

      blank Awards (generates display constant)
     8 No display constant generated 

Second  Undefined

      blank Undefined


     a Awards note 


This tag does not end with a mark of punctuation,
unless the tag ends with an abbreviation or other
data that ends with a mark of punctuation.


     586    _aCaldecott Medal, 1976

     586    _aNewbery Honor, 1966

     586    _a"Emmy Award for Best Classical Program in the 
                   Performing Arts, 1980/81"

     586    _aCorretta S. King Medal, 1994

     586    _aAcademy Award for Best Picture, 1987

If an item has received more than one award, make a separate 
note for each award. Multiple 586 notes are machine linked 
and a semicolon supplied as punctuation between each statement. 

Bibliographic record:

     586    _aNational Book Award, 1981
     586    _aPulitzer Prize for Nonfiction, 1981


     Note: National Book Award, 1981; Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction, 1981