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Title: 658 Index Term - Curriculum Objective (R)

The Curriculum Objective (658 tag) of the MARC 21
bibliographic format contains index terms for 
curriculum or course-of-study objectives that are 
applicable to the contents of the material being 
described. The curriculum objectives, curriculum 
codes, and correlation factors recorded in the 658 
field come from standard published lists. The list 
is identified in subfield 2 (Source of term).

It is very important to complete all the information 
in the subfields when sharing bibliographic records 
with other libraries. It is especially important to 
complete subfield 2, the source of the term, since 
this identifies where the term originated. The 
curriculum objectives for Ohio (ohco in subfield 2) 
may be very different than the curriculum 
objectives for a "local" site in Texas for example. 

Subfield a contains a term describing the 
curriculum or course-of-study objective. Subfield b 
contains an objective that is secondary to that 
contained in subfield a. Subfield c is a coded 
representation of the curriculum objective recorded 
in subfield a. The code is generally assigned by 
the national or state agency that developed the 
curriculum objectives. Subfield d describes how 
closely the item correlates to the curriculum 
objectives in subfield a. The terms usually used 
are: slightly correlated, moderately correlated, 
and highly correlated. Subfield 2 contains the code 
from the MARC Code List for Relators, Sources, 
Description Conventions that identifies where 
the index term originated.

Terms used from the MARC Code List for Relators, 
Sources, Description Conventions include: 

     accssd ACCS subject directory. (West 
            Lafayette, IN: Kappa Delta Pi) 

     hdsetl HyperAble Data special ed. terms list. 
            (Madison WI: Trace Research and 

     local  Locally assigned term. 

     ohco   Ohio curriculum objectives. (Columbus, 
            OH: Department of  Education) 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


     a Main Curriculum objectives (NR) 

     b Subordinate curriculum objective (R) 

     c Curriculum code (NR) 

     d Correlation factor (NR) 

     2 Source of term or code (NR) 


Subfield 2 is preceded by an ending mark of
punctuation (., !, ?, -) or a closing parenthesis. 


     658    _aMath objective 2
            _bfractions, decimals, percents, whole 
              numbers, integers
            _dslightly correlated.

     658    _aDrug abuse awareness
            _bpeer pressure
            _bunderstanding the law.