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Title: 740 Added Entry - Uncontrolled Related/Analytical Title (R)

The 740 tag contains titles for related or analytical
titles. The titles are generally found in the 505 Contents 
Note. The addition of this information in the 740 tag will 
make the titles within a collection title searchable,
thus enhancing the library user's access to this 
information. The titles are only key-word searchable 
in the 505 tag.

Subfield a contains the title being traced/indexed. 
Subfield n is used for the number designation used 
in a title for sequencing and subfield p for the 
name designation used in further defining a title. 

First  Nonfiling characters

      0 No nonfiling characters

   1-9 Number of non-filing characters. (LC 
       generally does not enter the initial article 
       of the title so this value will remain 0 
       (zero) unless the leading article is entered.)

Second  Type of added entry

 blank No information provided 

     2 Analytical entry (This value is used when 
       the item in hand contains the work that is 
       represented by the added entry.)


     a Uncontrolled related/analytical title (NR) 
     n Number of part/section of a work (R) 

     p Name of part/section of a work (R) 

Subfield n is preceded by a period. 

Subfield p is preceded by a comma when following a
subfield n. 

Subfield p is preceded by a period when following a 
subfield a. 

The field ends with a period or some other mark of 
punctuation (!, ?, -). 


     505 0  _av. 1. Star Trek - v. 2. Star Trek : 
              the next generation - v. 3. Space 
              1999 - v. 4. Battlestar Galactica.
     740 02 _aStar Trek.
     740 02 _aStar Trek : the next generation.
     740 02 _aSpace 1999.
     740 02 _aBattlestar Galactica.

     505 2  _aA wedding without musicians - He
              swung - Senor payroll - Houseparty - 
              How light belief bringeth damage.
     740 22 _aA wedding without musicians.
     740 02 _aHe swung.
     740 02 _aSenor payroll.
     740 02 _aHouseparty.
     740 02 _aHow light belief bringeth damage.