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Title: 753 - System Details Access to Computer Files (R)

The 753 tag, System Details Access to Computer 
Files, of the MARC 21 bibliographic record contains 
information about the type of computer, programming 
language, and operating system needed to use a 
computer file. Library users cannot browse the 
contents of computer files in the same way they can 
with books. Therefore, it is important that 
library searchers know the kind of computer and 
software they will need. Depending on the 
software's capabilities, the 753 tag may be used to 
generate lists of items in the library for each 
type of computer, programming language, or 
operating system. 

The 753 tag has three subfields, a, b, and c. Enter 
the make and model of the computer in subfield a. 
Use subfield b for information about the 
programming language when it is readily available. 
Use subfield c for the operating system. 

First  Undefined  

 blank Undefined 

Second  Undefined
 blank Undefined 


     a Make and model of machine (NR) 

     b Programming language (NR) 

     c Operating system (NR) 


There is no mark of punctuation at the end of the 
last subfield unless the subfield ends with an 
abbreviation or other data that ends with a mark of 

There is no punctuation between subfields.


     753    _aSony PlayStation

     753    _aNintendo Game Boy Color

     753    _aIBM PC
            _cDOS 3.3   

     753    _aMicrosoft Windows 8

     753    _aApple Mac OS System 7

     753    _aMacintosh
            _cSystem 7