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Title: 336 - Content Type (R)

Content Type (336 tag) is a new bibliographic tag
that reflects the form of communication in which 
the content of a resource is expressed and the
human sense through which it is perceived.

The 336 tag is used with "Resource Description and 
Access" (RDA) cataloging guidelines. The 336 tag 
is a RDA core element and is mandatory in an RDA 
MARC record. This tag along with tags 337 and 338 
will be used in place of subfield h of the 245 tag 
in RDA MARC records.

Instructions on recording content type are in RDA

The 336 tag is used in conjunction with Leader
sixth position "Type of Record". Leader "Type of 
Record" indicates the general type of content of
the resource while the 336 tag allows for a more 
specific content type to be expressed. The tag 
is repeatable when a resource contains more than 
one type of content.

Subfield a contains the content type of the work
being described in textual format such as sounds,
spoken word, still image, text, etc.

Subfield b contains a code representing the type of
work that is described in the record. The letters
"txt" is the code for text.

Subfield 2 contains the source of the term or code.

Subfield 3 contains the part of the described 
material to which the code applies.

A term and code list for RDA Content types is 
available at: 

Terms and/or codes may be used in the MARC record.
In Destiny a drop down box with a list of both terms and
codes is provided. Also, in Destiny, default terms are 
provided in the templates; however, these may be edited
if needed for the resource being cataloged.

First Undefined
  blank  Undefined

Second Undefined
  blank  Undefined

    a   Content type term (R)

    b   Content type code (R)

    2   Source (NR)

    3   Materials specified (NR)

    6   Linkage (NR)

    8   Field link and sequence number (R)


     336    _aperformed music

     336    _aspoken word

     336    _atext

     336   _aperformed music

     336   _bcop
            (code for computer program)

     336   _3CD
           _aspoken word
    336 _3book
            (audiobook on CD with accompanying print book)