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Title: 338 - Carrier Type (R)

Carrier Type (338 tag) indicates the storage medium 
in which the content is recorded.

Carrier Type is a Resource Description and Access
(RDA) core element and is mandatory in an RDA MARC
record. This tag along with tags 336 and 337 will 
be used in place of subfield h of the 245 tag in RDA  
MARC records. 

Instructions on recording carrier type are in RDA
section 3.3.

Subfield a contains a term such as volume, videodisc,
audio disc, audiocassette, etc., for the carrier type
or storage medium of the content. 

Subfield b contains a two-character lower case
alphabetic code for the carrier type. 

Subfield 2 contains the source of the term or code.

Subfield 3 contains the part of the described material 
to which the code applies.

A list of terms and codes used for Carrier Types
is available at:

Terms and/or codes are recorded in the MARC record. In
Destiny a drop down box with a list of terms and codes 
is provided.  Also in Destiny, default terms are
provided in the templates; however, these may be edited
if needed for the resource being cataloged.

First Undefined
  blank  Undefined

Second Undefined
  blank  Undefined

    a   Carrier type term (R)

    b   Carrier type code (R)

    2   Source (NR)

    3   Materials specified (NR)

    6   Linkage (NR)

    8   Field link and sequence number (R)


     338   _avolume
            (term used for printed texts)

     338   _acomputer disc

     338   _aslide

     338   _avideodisc

     338   _anc
            (code for volume)
     338   _3CD
           _aaudio disc
     338   _3book
             (audiobook on CD with accompanying print book)