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Title: 337 - Media Type

Media Type (337 tag) reflects the general type of 
device, if any, required to view, play, or run the 
content of the resource.

The 337 tag is used with "Resource Description and 
Access" (RDA) cataloging guidelines. This tag 
is not a core RDA element and is not mandatory in
a RDA record. When used, this tag along with tags
336 and 338 replace subfield h of the 245 tag.

For printed books and non-projected graphics such
as a poster or photograph, the term "unmediated" will
be used in this tag because no type of device is
required to view the content of the resource.

Instructions on recording content type are in RDA

Subfield a contains a term such as audio, video, etc.,
for the intermediation device needed to view, play,or
run the content.

Subfield b contains a one-character lower case
alphabetic code for the media used to convey the content. 

Subfield 2 contains the source of the term or code.

Subfield 3 contains the part of the described 
material to which the field applies.

A list of Media Type terms and codes is available at: 

Terms and/or codes may be used in the MARC record.  In 
Destiny a drop down box with a list of both terms and
codes is provided.  Also in Destiny, default terms are
provided in the templates; however, these terms may be
edited if needed for the resource being cataloged. 

First Undefined
  blank  Undefined

Second Undefined
  blank  Undefined

    a	Media type term (R)

    b   Media type code (R)

    2   Source (NR)

    3   Materials specified (NR)

    6   Linkage (NR)

    8   Field link and sequence number (R)


    337   _aaudio

    337   _avideo

    337   _aunmediated
                 (term used for printed text)

    337   _aaudio
                 (term and code for sound recording)

    337   _bv
                (code for videorecording)

    337   _3CD
    337   _3book
                (audiobook on CD with accompanying print book)