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Title: 150 - Heading - Topical Term (NR)

The Heading - Topical Term (150 tag) of the MARC 
authority record usually contains an established form 
of a term that can be used as a subject heading. 

Topical subject headings are established by agencies 
that publish them in either print or electronic form. 
The most common sources of topical subject headings 
are the Library of Congress Subject Headings 
(LCSH), the Library of Congress subject headings for 
children's literature (LCAC) and the Sears List of 
Subject Headings. In addition to established 
sources of subject headings, local libraries may add 
their own subject headings. Sears requires the local 
library to establish many headings, for example, the 
names of animals, birds, minerals, and chemicals. The 
library may also create local subject headings that 
would be useful to the people who use the library. 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined 


   Main term portion

     a Topical term (NR) 

   Subject subdivision portion

     v Form subdivision (R) 

     x General subdivision (R) 

     y Chronological subdivision (R) 

     z Geographical subdivision (R) 



     150    _aEducation, Primary 

     150    _aDogs

     150    _aVietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975

     150    _aJohn, the Baptist, Saint, in the Koran

     150    _aUniversities and colleges
            _xEntrance examinations

     150    _aArt, Modern
            _y19th century

     150    _aMafia
            _zUnited States

     150    _aHolmes, Sherlock (Fictitious character)

     150    _aShipbuilding industry

     150    _aJudaism
            _yTalmudic period, 10-425


     150    _aElementary education

     150    _aDogs

     150    _aVietnam War, 1961-1975

     150    _aColleges and universities
            _xEntrance examinations


     150    _aDogs

     150    _aLove

     150    _aSpanish language materials


     150    _aLocal authors