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Title: 250 - Edition Statement (R)

The 250 tag contains the edition statement information relating to 
the resource. An edition is defined as materials produced by the same 
entity or publisher using the same type image for print items, 
containing essentially the same contents for electronic resources, or 
having the same contents as the master copy for all other types of 
materials. The edition statement is generally identified through 
such words as edition, issue, or version, and any associated words 
such as revised and enlarged.

The cataloging standards "Anglo-American Cataloging Rules" (AACR2) 
and "Resource Description and Access" (RDA) control the structure and 
information entered into the edition statement. 

The edition statement, usually consisting of alpha and numeric characters,
is transcribed when it it found on the resource. With AACR2, numbers 
expressed as words are entered as numerals and the standard 
abbreviations of rev. for revised, enl. for enlarged, and ed. for 
edition are used. With RDA, the edition statement is transcribed as it
appears on the source of information, words are abbreviated only if they
are abbreviated on the resource and numbers expressed as words are 
entered as words.


First  Undefined

   blank Undefined

Second  Undefined

   blank Undefined


     a  Edition statement (NR)  

     b  Remainder of edition statement (including statement of personal 
        or corporate responsibility and any parallel or related edition 
        statements) (NR)  

ISBD Punctuation

When the only information available is the edition statement, enter in 
subfield a and end with a period.

The statement of responsibility for the edition is entered in 
subfield b and is preceded by a space slash.

This tag ends with a period. 


     250    _a2nd ed.  (AACR2)
     250    _aSecond edition (RDA)
                   (On resource: Second edition)

     250    _a3rd ed., rev. and enl.  (AACR2)
     250    _aThird edition, revised and enlarged. (RDA)
                    (On resource: Third edition, revised and enlarged)

     250    _aLarge print ed. (AACR2)
     250    _aLarge print ed. (RDA)
                  (On resource: Large print ed.)

     250    _a2nd ed., completely rev. and expanded. (AACR2)
     250    _aSecond edition, completely rev. and expanded. (RDA)
                   (On resource: Second edition, completely rev. and expanded)

     250    _a14th ed. /
               _bby Ivor H. Evans. (AACR2)
     250    _a14th edition /
               _bby Ivor H. Evans. (RDA)
                   (On resource: 14th edition by Ivor H. Evans)


     250    _aRe-edited version. (AACR2)
     250    _aRe-edited version. (RDA)
                   (On resource: Re-edited version)