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Title: 245 - Title Statement (NR)

The Title Statement (245) is a transcription field, that is, the 
information in this field is transcribed from the item being 
cataloged. This field contains information concerning the title and 
author(s), editor(s), compiler(s), etc. whether individual persons 
or corporate bodies, responsible for the work as transcribed from the 
resource. For books and serial publications this information is 
transcribed from the title page. Phonograph records, CDs, and 
cassette tapes are transcribed from the label on the item itself. 
Videorecordings and motion pictures use the title frame of the 
film, or the label on the cassette. Kits and games are transcribed from 
information obtained from the container. 

The Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2) covers the title
and statement of responsibility area in rule 1.1 and in the X.1 rules
for each format in chapters 2-12 (2.1, 3.1, etc.)  Resource, Description
and Access (RDA) covers rules for recording titles and statement of
responsibility in Chapter 2.

Subfield a the title proper is the first and main part of the title, 
and is usually distinguished from the rest of the title and author 
statement by the size or style of the print on the title page. If 
there are two titles separated by the word or, the second title is 
transcribed in subfield a as well. AACR2 and RDA differ in how to
transcribe typos and misspellings. AACR2 instructs to transcribe 
errors as they exist on the title page and add [sic] after the 
misspelled word and add a corrected title in a 246 tag. RDA instructs 
to enter the typo or misspelling as it is found on the resource and 
add a 246 tag with the corrected title. Subfield n contains the number 
of a part of a work, such as: Part 1, Supplement A, Book four, etc.

Subfield h contains the General Materials Designation (GMD) of the item
being cataloged. A complete list of GMDs is given in chapter 1 of AACR2 
under 1.1C1. This statement is never capitalized and is enclosed in 
square brackets. Subfield h is not entered with RDA, the 336 tag for 
content type, 337 for media type and 338 tag for carrier type are entered 
in place of the GMD.

Subfield b contains other title information such as a subtitle, a 
parallel title, that is, the title translated into another language, 
or an additional title, if the item lacks a collective title for all 
the works published as a single entity, meaning there is more than 
one title listed in the chief source of information. Subfield c 
contains the statement(s) of responsibility and any other information 
which follows relating to the title. 


First  Title added entry

     0 No title added entry (i.e. there is no 1xx field in the record)

     1 Title added entry (i.e. a 1xx is present)

Second  Number of nonfiling characters
         (Characters and spaces ignored in filing)

     0 No nonfiling characters. (Titles beginning with a word other
       than an initial article, such as A, An, or The in English, or 
       their equivalents in foreign languages, such as el, la, las, 
       etc. in Spanish, will have a second indicator of 0. 

   1-9 Number of characters ignored in filing. For titles beginning 
       with an initial article it is necessary to instruct the system 
       to ignore not only the first word, but also the empty space 
       following it. For example, titles beginning with: A have a 
       second indicator of 2, An have a second indicator of 3, and 
       The have a second indicator of 4. Any special characters 
       preceding or immediately following an initial article, such as 
       quotation marks, an ellipsis (transcribed as two dashes), or 
       an opening bracket, must be counted as well. 

     a Title proper (NR) 

     n Number of part/section of a work (R) 

     p Name of part/section of a work (R) 

     h General Materials Designation (GMD) (NR) 

     b Remainder of title (NR) 

     c Statement of responsibility, remainder of title page 
       transcription (NR) 


Subfield h requires no punctuation.

Subfield n is preceded by a period.

Subfield p is preceded by a comma if it follows a subfield n, 
otherwise it is preceded by a period.

Subfield b is preceded by a space and a colon if it is a subtitle, 
a space and a semicolon if it is an additional title, or a space 
and an equals sign if it is a parallel title.

Subfield c is preceded by a space and a slash.

The last subfield in the tag always ends with a period.

When AACR2 and RDA differ, examples are followed by (AACR2) and (RDA)
to indicate the cataloging standard.

     245 10 _aBeyond the gold watch :
                 _bliving in retirement /
                 _cDeborah V. Gross.
                     (A title with a subtitle)

     245 12 _aA question of trust /
                 _cMarion Dane Bauer.
                     (2 nonfiling characters; no subtitle; one author)

     245 00 _aForm [sic] Vienna with love.  
                      (No 1xx, the first word is a typo; it should be "From." Add a 
                       246 with corrected spelling)   (AACR2)

     245 00 _aForm Vienna with love.  
                     (No 1xx, the first word is a typo; it should be "From." Add a 
                      246 with corrected spelling)   (RDA)

     245 14 _aSomeday, someday, maybe
                 _h[sound recording] :
                 _ba novel /
                 _cLauren Graham.
                    (Subfield h present) (AACR2)

     245 14 _aSomeday, someday, maybe :
                 _ba novel /
                 _cLauren Graham.
                     (A 336 tag with spoken word, a 337 tag with audio, and a 338
                     tag with audio disc would be added)  (RDA)

     245 10 _aColorful origami /
                 _cby Toyako Kawai ; translated by Thomas I. Elliott; edited 
                     by Don Kenny.
                      (Several individuals performing different functions)

     245 10 _aMooses come walking /
                 _cby Arlo Guthrie ; illustrated by Alice M. Brock.
                     (Shared responsibility)

     245 10 _aCalling the doves =
                 _bCanto por las palomas /
                 _cstory by Juan Felipe Herrera ; pictures by Elly Simmons.
                    (A parallel title)

     245 14 _aThe barber of Seville, or, The useless precaution :
                 _ba comedy in four acts /
                 _cby Pierre Augustin de Beaumarchais.
                     (4 nonfiling characters; an alternative title, or an or title)

     245 00 _aJournal of entomology.
                 _nSeries B,
                     (No 1xx; a series number with a part)

     245 04 _aThe world's best poetry.
                 _pSupplement /
                 _cedited by the Editorial Board, Granger Book Co.
                    (no 1xx; 4 nonfiling characters; an unnumbered part; corporate 

     245 15 _a"The eve that never sleeps ..."
                      (5 nonfiling characters)