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Title: 490 - Series Statement/Added Entry (R)

A series is defined as a group of individual items each bearing its 
own separate title proper with a collective title or "series" title 
applied to the group as a whole. Series statements in the MARC record 
are used to assist library users in locating items with the same 
characters or with other similar characteristics established by the 
author and publisher. An item can belong to more than one series or 
it may be part of another series, that is, a sub-series. 

The 490 tag of the MARC 21 bibliographic record contains a series 
statement for which no series added entry is expected to be made or 
for which the series added entry is in a form different from that 
which appears in the series statement. Many automation systems such
as Destiny Library Manager index the 490 tag for increased 
accessibility to series information, however. 

As of June 2006, the Library of Congress no longer authorizes series
statements. However, most cataloging agencies continue to authorize
the form of certain series statements to make them consistent and
also to determine if the information is a type of series statement
or another type of publisher grouping. The distinction is made between
the form and type in the LC Authority File and the information is then 
entered into the appropriate 490 or 8XX tag. Authorized series statements 
are entered into an 830 tag while the series statement as it appears
on the resource is entered into the 490 tag.

AACR2 governs the Series Statement with rule X.6. The X represents 
the particular chapter number depending on what type of media the 
librarian is cataloging. All formats except manuscripts (chapter 4) 
can contain a series statement. The series statement is taken from 
the chief source of information of the item. 

RDA guidelines for series are in Chapter 2.12. These guidelines 
specify that the series title is taken from the series title page,
from any where on the resource itself, or from any other available
source of information such as accompanying material. The title and
numbering of the series should be entered as they appear on the
source of information, with numerals substituted for numbers 
expressed as words.

There is no provision for nonfiling characters in the 490 indicators. 
It is a good policy not to enter initial articles in the series 
statements. If initial articles are used, the series will not index 


First  Specifies whether series is traced in an 8xx tag

     0 Series not traced 

     1 Series traced (an 8XX should also always be present)

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined (Do not enter non-filing characters here.)

     a Series statement (R) 

     x International Standard Serial Number (R) 

     v Volume number/sequential designation (R)  

     l Library of Congress call number (NR)


Precede subfield x with a comma. 

Precede subfield v with space semi-colon. 

Enclose the Libray of Congress call number in parenthesis.

This tag does not end with a mark of punctuation (., !, ?, _) unless
the tag ends with an abbreviation or data that ends with a mark of


     490 0  _aBantam classics

     490 1  _aBibliographies of modern authors,
                _x0749-470X ;
                _vno. 27
     830  0 _aBibliographies of modern authors (San Bernardino,
                    Calif.) ;
                _vno. 27.  (AACR2 example)
                    (number is spelled out on resource) 

     490 1  _aBibliographies of modern authors,
                _x0749-470X ;
                _vno. 27
     830  0 _aBibliographies of modern authors (San Bernardino,
                    Calif.) ;
                 _vnumber 27.   (RDA example)
                    (number is spelled out on resource)

     490 1  _a1973 : NEA research memo
     830  0 _aNEA research memo.

     490 1  _aAncient peoples and places
     830  0 _aAncient peoples and places (Praeger)

     490 1  _aAncient peoples and places
     830  0 _aAncient peoples and places (Thames and Hudson)

     490 1  _aHardy boys mystery stories
     800 1  _aDixon, Franklin.
                _tHardy boys mystery stories.

     490 1  _aHaskin lecture
     830  0 _aCharles Homer Haskins lecture.

     490 1  _aCharnwood classic series
     830  0 _aCharnwood library series.

     490 1  _aLife cycle series
     800 1  _aKalman, Bobbie,
                _tLife cycle series.

     490 1  _aHello reader! Level 1
     830  0 _aHello reader!
                _nLevel 1,

     490 0  _aLife series,