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Title: 700 Added Entry - Personal Name (R)

The Added Entry - Personal Name (700 tag) of the MARC 21 
bibliographic record contains a personal name heading for 
an individual who is responsible for the work or some portion 
of the work. In a catalog record, one access point is chosen 
as the main entry heading, this can be either a name or a title 
of a work. When the main entry is a personal name heading, the 
personal name is entered in the 100 tag. The personal name in 
a 700 tag is not considered the main entry; however, access to 
the personal name is an additional way to search for the work. 
These personal names include editors, compilers, joint authors, 
illustrators, translators, and other personal names that a 
library searcher may use to search for a work. Each personal 
name is entered in a separate 700 tag. 

AACR2 covers main and added entries in chapter 21, "Choice Of Access 
Points". Chapter 22 "Headings for Persons" covers the construction 
of personal names in AACR2 form. RDA gives guidelines on recording
contributors in and instructions on recording creators
in 19.2.1. RDA instructs on how to record the name of a

Eighteen subfields may be used in the 700 tag, some of these 
subfields are used only with the personal name portion of the 
tag and others used only with a title of a work which is associated 
with the personal name. For a personal name, subfields a (name), 
b (numbers), c (titles), d (dates), e (relator term), q (fuller 
form of the name), and j (attribution qualifier) may be used. 
Numerals to distinguish between kings, queens, popes, etc. are 
entered in subfield b; however, numerals used with other personal 
names, such as John Doe III, are entered in subfield c. A title 
such as King, Pope, Dr., Jr., etc. may be used in subfield c. 
A fuller form of the name to help distinguish between the same name 
in subfield a may be added as a qualifier, in parenthesis, in 
subfield q. Subfield d includes the years of birth and death when 
they are known or can be approximated. Subfield e contains a 
relator term. RDA Appendix I provides a list of terms (relationship
designators) for creators and contributors. The Program for 
Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) guidelines for the application of
relationship designators in Bibliographic records states that 
Appendix I relationship designators should not be used in a 
name/title access point in MARC 700-711 fields.

Subfield t contains the title of a work associated with the personal 
name in subfield a. Additional subfields that may be used to further 
define the identity of a work are: f (date of work), h (medium of 
work), k (form subdivision), m (performance medium), n (number of 
part/section of a work), o (arrangement), p (name of a part/section 
of a work), r (musical key), and s (version). 

All the subfields will not necessarily be used in every record. 
Use only the subfields needed to complete the entry. 


First  Type of personal name entry element

     0 Forename 

     1 Surname 

     3 Family name 

Second  Type of added entry

     blank No information provided 

     2 Analytical entry 


     a Personal name (NR) 

     b Numeration (NR) 

     c Titles and other words associated with a name (R) 

     d Dates associated with a name (NR) 

     e Relator term (R) 
     f Date of a work (NR) 

     g Miscellaneous information (R)

     h Medium (NR) 

     j Attribution qualifier (R)

     k Form subheading (R) 

     l Language of a work (NR) 

     m Medium of performance for music (R) 

     n Number of part/section of a work (R) 

     o Arranged statement for music (NR) 

     p Name of part/section of a work (R) 

     q Fuller form of name (NR) 

     r Key for music (NR) 

     s Version (NR) 

     t Title of a work (NR) 


Subfield b is not preceded by any punctuation, unless the previous 
word is an initial. 

Subfield c is usually preceded by a comma. 

The information in subfield q is placed in parentheses. 

Subfield q is usually preceded by the period ending the abbreviation. 

Subfield d is preceded by a comma. 

When the date of death in subfield d is open (the person does not have 
a death date), no punctuation follows the hyphen at the end of 
subfield d. 

Subfield e is preceded by a comma. 

Subfield j is preceded by a comma.

Subfield t is preceded by a period, unless it is preceded by 
subfield d with an open date, in which case it is preceded by a dash. 

Subfield m is preceded by a comma. 

Subfield n is preceded by a period when following a subfield t. 

Subfield n is preceded by a comma when following a subfield m. 

Subfield p is preceded by a comma when following a subfield m or n. 

Subfield p is preceded by a period when following a subfield t. 

Subfield r is preceded by a comma. 

Subfield o is preceded by a semi-colon. 

Subfields f, h, k, l, and s are always preceded by a period. 

The field ends with a mark of punctuation (., !, ?, -) or a closing


Title with author and illustrator.

     100 1   _aKing-Smith, Dick.
     245 14 _aThe school mouse /
                 _cDick King-Smith ; illustrated by Cynthia Fisher.
     700 1   _aFisher, Cynthia,
                 _eill.   (AACR2)

     100 1   _aKing-Smith, Dick,
     245 14 _aThe school mouse /
                 _cDick King-Smith ; illustrated by Cynthia Fisher.
     700 1   _aFisher, Cynthia,
                 _eillustrator.   (RDA)

Title with author and an additional title and author.

     100 1    _aKoning, Hans.
     245 10  _aColumbus :
                  _bhis enterprise : exploding the myth /
                  _cby Hans Koning ; including, Columbus in the classroom / 
                      by Bill Bigelow.
     700 12   _aBigelow, Bill.
                   _tColumbus in the classroom.

Title with joint authors and illustrator.

     100 1   _aBerenstain, Stan,
     245 10 _aAfter the dinosaurs /
                 _cby Stan & Jan Berenstain ; illustrated by Michael Berenstain.
     700 1   _aBerenstain, Jan,
     700 1   _aBerenstain, Michael,
                 _eill.   (AACR2)

     100 1   _aBerenstain, Stan,
     245 10 _aAfter the dinosaurs /
                 _cby Stan & Jan Berenstain ; illustrated by Michael Berenstain.
     700 1   _aBerenstain, Jan,
     700 1   _aBerenstain, Michael,
                 _eillustrator.    (RDA)

Separate works, analyzed from statement of responsibility.

     100 1   _aEberhart, Mignon G.
     245 14 _aThe bayou road /
                 _cby Mignon G. Eberhart. Salvage job / by Michael Kirk. 
                     Keeper of the children / by William H. Hallan.
     700 12 _aKirk, Michael.
                 _tSalvage job.
     700 12 _aHallan, William H.
                 _tKeeper of the children.

Separate works, analyzed from contents note.

     245 00 _aFour great American classics.
     505 0   _aThe scarlet letter / Nathaniel Hawthorne - The 
                     adventures of Huckleberry Finn / Mark Twain -- The red 
                     badge of courage / Stephen Crane - Bill Budd, sailor / 
                     Herman Melville.
     700 12  _aHawthorne, Nathaniel,
                  _tScarlet letter.
     700 12  _aTwain, Mark,
                  _tAdventures of Huckleberry Finn.
     700 12  _aCrane, Stephen.
                  _tRed badge of courage.
     700 12  _aMelville, Herman,
                  _tBilly Budd.

Additional Examples:

     700 12 _aRies, Ferdinand,
                 _mpiano, winds, strings,
                 _nop. 128,
                 _rA flat major.

     700 12 _aTolkien, J. R. R.
                 _q(John Roland Reuel),
                 _tLord of the rings.
                 _pTwo towers.

     700 12 _aShakespeare, William,
                 _sCambridge University Press.

     700 12 _aDumas, Alexandre,
                 _tTrois mousquetaires.