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Title: 504 - Bibliography, Etc. Note (R)

The Bibliography, Etc. Note (504 tag) of the MARC 21 bibliographic 
record contains a note that indicates the presence of a bibliography, 
discography, filmography, or other bibliographic references. The 504 
tag may also indicate a bibliography in accompanying material 
described in the record. This tag may also be used to indicate the 
presence of an index if one is present along with a bibliography. 

The 504 tag helps the library user determine the usefulness of the 
item described in the record. Bibliographies are aids to continuing 
research. Discographies and filmographies can be used to locate 
material for class presentation or multi-media projects. The 
presence of an index may indicate that this item is a better source 
for locating certain facts or details within an item than an item 
without an index.

AACR2 governs the Bibliography, Etc. Note with rule X.7B18, along with 
other notes describing contents. The X represents the particular 
chapter number depending on what type of media the librarian is 
cataloging. Only 2.7B18 (books), 11.7B18 (microforms), 12.7B18 
(serials) mention the bibliography note, but other formats may contain 
bibliographic references, or accompanying material with bibliographies. 

RDA gives guidelines on "Recording Supplementary Content" With 
instructions to record the type, extent, and location within the resource.

The format of the note is similar in AACR2 and RDA, with the term
"Bibliography:" preceding the number of pages. For AACR2 the word pages 
is abbreviated "p." and for RDA the word is spelled out. The Library of 
Congress/Program for Cooperative Cataloging (LC-PCC PS) prescribes a 
different form for this note stating that if the publication contains 
biographical citations in any form the note may be entered as:
"Includes bibliographical references." A bibliographic note and an index 
note may be combined such as "Includes bibliographical references and index."

Elements from the Bibliography, Etc. Note are also recorded in the 
008 fixed fields tag. In character positions 24-27 the letter b is 
entered when a bibliography is present, k is entered when a 
discography is present, and q is entered for a filmography. 
In character position 31 the number 1 is entered when the item 
contains an index. 

The 504 tag usually only contains the a subfield. Subfield b may 
be used to indicate the number of references. Knowing the extent 
of the bibliography could help patrons decide whether the item 
described is what they need. When subfield b is used, the information 
displays as a number at the end of the note. 

Adding the Bibliography, Etc. Notes to the bibliographic record will 
make the MARC record more useful to library users in deciding which 
items in the catalog best meet their needs and where they can go for 
further information on their topic. 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


     a Bibliography, etc. note (NR) 

     b Number of references (NR) 


Subfield a ends with a period unless another mark of punctuation
(!, ?, -) s present.

When subfield b is present, there is no mark of punctuation at 
the end of the subfield.


The following examples show the Library of Congress style of entering 
bibliographical references which includes the index in the 504 tag. 

     504    _aIncludes bibliographical references (p. [611]-615) and 
                    index.  (AACR2)

     504    _aIncludes bibliographical references (pages [611]-615) and 
                    index.  (RDA)

     504    _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.

The AACR2 and RDA style places the index in the 500 (General Note) 
tag and the bibliography in a 504 tag as is shown in the next examples. 

     500    _aIncludes index.
     504    _aBibliography: p. 315-336.
               _b17       (AACR2)
     500    _aIncludes index.
     504    _aBibliography: pages 315-336.  (RDA)

Since the 504 tag is repeatable, bibliographies, discographies, and 
filmographies are listed in separate 504 tags. 

     504    _aDiscography: p. 103-182.  (AACR2)

     504    _aFilmography: pages 183-184.  (RDA)