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Title: 111 - Main Entry - Meeting Name (NR)

The Main Entry-Meeting Name (111 tag) of the MARC bibliographic 
record contains a name heading for the conference, exhibition, 
expedition or other type of event responsible for the work. 

AACR2 covers main and added entries in chapter 21, "Choice Of 
Access Points" while RDA covers these in Chapter 19 "Persons, 
Families, and Corporate Bodies Associated With a Work." The 
purpose of the main entry is to establish the form in which 
a work is to be uniformly cited. Using a main entry heading will 
make it easier for a library user to find an item listed in a 
bibliography or footnote. 

In each cataloging record one access point is chosen as the main 
entry heading. Main entry headings appear not only in a 111 tag 
(meeting name), but also in the 100 tag (personal name), the 110 
tag (corporate name) or the 130 tag (uniform title). Meeting name 
headings not used as the main entry appear in the 711 tag. 

Many rules in AACR2 cover the choice of headings for main entry-
meeting name. Rule 21.1B1 includes conferences and ad hoc events 
(such as athletic contests, exhibitions, expeditions, fairs and 
festivals) in the definition of corporate bodies. Rule 21.1B2 
directs us to use the meeting name as the main entry for the 
collective activity of a conference, an expedition or an event 
when it is prominently named on the item. RDA provides
guidelines for recording a corporate body when it is considered
to be the creator of a work. This guideline instructs to record 
the corporate body for works that report the collective activity 
of a conference, expedition, or an event such as fairs, festivals, 
and exhibitions.

Chapter 24, "Headings For Corporate Bodies, contains rules for 
constructing corporate names in AACR2 form. Rule 24.7 covers 
constructing names for conferences, congresses, meetings and the 
like. Rule 24.8 covers names for exhibitions, fairs, festivals and 
the like. Chapter 11 in RDA provides various guidelines on how to 
record names of corporate bodies which include conferences,
expeditions, and events.

Subfield a of the 111 tag usually contains the meeting name in 
direct order. Older records may contain corporate names in inverted 
order or the name of a jurisdiction (country, state, etc.). Subfield 
c contains the location of the meeting. This can be a place name (a 
city with country or state) or an institution (a college, university, 
airport, park, etc.). Subfield d contains the date of the meeting. 
This is usually the year, but it may be a specific date including year, 
month and day to distinguish between two meetings in the same year. 
Subfield e contains the name of a meeting or committee that is part 
of the larger meeting. Subfield n contains the number (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 
etc.) when the meeting is part of a numbered series. 


First  Type of meeting name

     0 Inverted name 

     1 Jurisdiction name 

     2 Name in direct order 
Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


     a Meeting name or jurisdiction name as entry element (NR) 

     c Location of meeting (R) 

     d Date of meeting (NR) 

     e Subordinate unit (R) 

     n Number of part/section/meeting (R) 

The field ends with a mark of punctuation (., !, ?, -) or a closing


Name inverted (older version) and in direct order

     111 0  _aDahl (Lewis K.) Symposium
            _d(1981 :
            _cBrookhaven National Laboratory)

     111 2  _aLewis K. Dahl Symposium
            _d(1981 :
            _cBrookhaven National Laboratory)

Jurisdiction name (older version) and AACR2 version
(Note: the older version has the name of the conference in the now 
obsolete subfield q)

     111 1  _aParis.
            _qPeace Conference,

     111 2  _aParis Peace Conference

Conferences and events

     111 2  _aConference "The Future is Now"-Women and the Impact 
              of Microtechnology
            _d(1982 :
            _cOttawa, Ont.)

     111 2  _aConference on Linguistics
            _n(14th :
            _d1969 :
            _cNew York, N.Y.)

     111 2  _aNational Conference on Youth Fitness
            _d(1984 June 8-9 :
            _cWashington, D.C.)

     111 2  _aCongress for Librarians
            _d(1991 :
            _cSt. John's University)

     111 2  _aMedicinal Chemistry Symposium
            _n(20th :
            _d1979 :
            _cAmherst, N.Y.)

     111 2  _aLewis and Clark Expedition

     111 2  _aChicago Railroad Fair

     111 2  _aNewport Jazz Festival.

     111 2  _aInternational Exhibition of Modern Art
            _d(1926-1927 :
            _cBrooklyn Museum)

     111 2  _aWorld Food Day Teleconference

     111 2  _aSeminar on Language and Learning
            _d(1973 :

     111 2  _aWorkshop for American Indian Educators on the
              Learning Potential Assessment Device 
              Instrumental Enrichment Programs
            _cShiprock, N.M.)

     111 2  _aUnited Nations International Seminar on Statistical 
            _d(1952 :
            _cOttawa, Ont., and New York, N.Y.)

     111 2  _aParis Peace Conference
            _eCommittee on New States (Minorities)

     111 2  _aOlympic Games
            _n(21st :
            _d1976 :
            _cMontréal, Québec).
            _eOrganizing Committee.