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Category: RDA Sample Bibliographic Records
Title: USB Flash Drive

Leader        000         nmm i
Gen Info      007    cz uzu---uuuu
Gen Info      008    160315s2016    mdu  fq d   eng d
ISBN          020    _a9781786912510
Cat. Source   040    _aICrlF
Languages     041 0  _aeng
Dewey Call #  082 04 _a373.126/2
Title         245 00 _aExamination paper and markscheme pack.
                     _pMay 2016 examination session.
Varnt Title   246 3  _aExamination paper & markscheme pack.
                     _pMay 2016 examination session
Varnt Title   246 30 _aMay 2016 examination session
Publication   264  1 _a[Bethesda, Maryland] :
                     _bInternational Baccalaureate,
Phys Desc     300    _a1 USB flash drive ;
                     _c8 x 2 cm, in case 17 x 14 cm 
Content Type  336    _acomputer program
Media Type    337    _acomputer
Carrier Type  338    _aother
General Note  500    _aTitle from container; language information
                       supplied by publisher.
General Note  500    _a"Network licensed."
Note:Summary  520    _a"...contains the International Baccalaureate
                       Diploma Programme examination papers and 
                       markschemes for the May 2016 examination
                       sessions. Presented in their original format, 
                       these papers are excellent preparation for live
                       examinations, and the accompanying markschemes
                       make the pack suitable for both independent study
                       and classroom use"--Back of container.
Note:Sys Det  538    _aSystem requirements on inside of container.
Language      546    _aPackaging in English, contents are multilingual.
Subj:Topical  650  0 _aInternational baccalaureate
                     _vStudy guides.
Subj:Topical  650  7 _aInternational baccalaureate
                     _vStudy guides.
Subj:Topical  650  7 _aInternational education.
Subj:Topical  650  7 _aPolyglot materials.
Subj:Genre    655  7 _aStudy guides.
Subj:Genre    655  7 _aInstructional and educational works.
AE:Corp Name  710 2  _aInternational Baccalaureate Organization,