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Category: RDA Sample Bibliographic Records
Title: Printed Music - Score

Leader        000         ncm i
Fixed Data    008    150630s2014    nyuzzan  c  n n eng d
ISBN                 _a9780393921618
Cat. Source   040    _aICrlF
Dewey Number  082 04 _a780/.9
Title         245 00 _aNorton anthology of western music.
                     _nVolume 1,
                     _pAncient to Baroque /
                     _cedited by J. Peter Burkholder and Claude
                       V. Palisca.
Variant Ttl   246 30 _aWestern music
Variant Ttl   246 30 _aAncient to Baroque
Edition       250    _aSeventh edition.
Publication   264  1 _aNew York :
                     _bW.W. Norton & Company,
Phys Desc     300    _a1 score (xxvii, 883 pages) ;
                     _c25 cm
Content Type  336    _anotated music
Media Type    337    _aunmediated
Carrier Type  338    _avolume
Note:General  500    _aVocal and instrumental music.
Note:General  500    _aSpiral-bound.
Note:General  500    _aIncludes indexes.
Note:Summary  520    _aContains scores representative of notable trends,
                       genres, national schools, innovations, and historical
                       developments in the history of music in Europe and 
                       the Americas from antiquity to the eighteenth century,
                       each including detailed commentary.
Audience Note 521 2  _aAdult
                     _2Follett School Solutions.
Subj:Topical  650  0 _aMusical analysis
                     _vMusic collections.
Subj:Topical  650  0 _aMusic appreciation
                     _vMusic collections.
Subj:Topical  650  7 _aMusic 
                     _xHistory and criticism.
Subj:Topical  650  7 _aMusic appreciation.
AE:Pers Name  700 1  _aBuckholder, J. Peter
                     _q(James Peter),
AE:Pers Name  700 1  _aPalisca, Claude V.,