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Title: 024 - Other Standard Identifier (R)

The 024 - Other Standard Identifier tag is used to 
record a code or standard number that appears on the 
item, such as the Universal Product Code (UPC) or the 
European Article Number (EAN). This information may be 
useful to the library when replacing or reordering the 
particular item. 

Universal Product Codes appear on most items sold in 
retail stores other than bookstores or music stores. 
It is a 12 digit code expressed on the item or the 
packaging both as a number and as a barcode. The first 
six digits represent the manufacturer or publisher, 
the next five identify the product, and the last is a 
check digit calculated from the other eleven digits. 

Many videos, compact discs, toys, games, and 
mass-market paperbacks will have Universal Product 

Books have a thirteen digit number and barcode that 
resembles a UPC. These appear on the back of the book 
jacket or the back cover. They begin with the digits 
978, followed by the first nine digits of the ISBN, 
and a check digit. These are called the Bookland 
European Article Number or EAN-13. It is entered with 
the first indicator 3, International Article Number. 
Since it duplicates the ISBN many libraries will see 
no need to enter it. 

Mass-market paperbacks have both the EAN and the UPC. 
The UPC appears on the back cover, while the EAN 
appears inside the front cover. Some hardcover books 
have both a UPC and an EAN on the back cover or book 

Subfield a contains the UPC or EAN itself. Terms of 
availability (usually price) are recorded in subfield 
c. A price is not to be recorded in subfield c unless 
a number or code appears in subfield a. Subfield d 
includes any additional codes following the UPC or 
EAN. These codes are used for prices, the title 
identifier, or issue information. Codes beginning with 
5 contain prices in U.S. dollars, for example 50425 
means $4.25 and 59999 means the price is $99.99 or 
more. The code 90000 means the price was unknown at 
the time of publication. 


First  Type of standard number or code

     0 International Standard Recording Code

     1 Universal Product Code 

     2 International Standard Music Number

     3 International Article Number 
     4 Serial Item and Contribution Identifer

Second  Difference indicator

 blank No information provided 
       (No information is provided as to whether
       the number or code in the field appears in the
       same form in both scanned and eye-readable 

     0 No difference 
       (The scanned number or code is the same as
       the number or code in eye-readable form)

     1 Difference 
       (The scanned and eye-readable number or code 


     a Standard number or code (NR)  

     c Terms of availability (NR) 

     d Additional codes following the standard number 
       or code (NR) 

     q Qualifying information (R)

     z Canceled/invalid standard number or code (R)


There is no mark of punctuation at the end of this 



     020    _a0892365250
     024 3  _a9780892365258

Mass-market paperbacks

     020    _a0671881027
            _c$6.50 ($8.50 Can.)
     024 1  _a076714006508
            _c$6.50 ($8.50 Can.)
     024 3  _a9780671881023
            _c$6.50 ($8.50 Can.)

     020    _a0373707886
            _c$4.25 ($4.75 Can.)
     024 1  _a065373004253
            _c$4.25 ($4.75 Can.)
     024 3  _a9780373707881
            _c$4.25 ($4.75 Can.)


     020    _a0788807307
     024 1  _a786936029543

Serial: Digital Video Buyers Guide 1999 

     024 1  _a070989355477
            _c$4.95 ($5.95 Can.)

Read along cassette and book

     020    _a0679822739
     024 1  _a090129822737

Music CD

     024 1  _a766924475422

Stuffed animal

     024 1  _a605388692030


     024 1  _a076281670096 

     024 1  _a052244040245

Music Score

     024 2  _aM5700406209