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Title: 511 - See From Tracing -- Meeting Name (R)

The See Also From Tracing - Meeting Name (511 tag)
of the MARC authority record contains another 
authorized form of a meeting name. Many meeting 
name authorities established by the Library of 
Congress have see also from tracings. 

Local libraries may want to use see also from 
tracings when they create their own meeting name 
authorities for names not established by the 
Library of Congress. When establishing these 
headings, chapter 24 of the Anglo-American 
Cataloguing Rules (AACR2),"Headings for 
Corporate Bodies" should be followed. Chapter 24 
contains rules for constructing corporate names in 
AACR2 form. Rule 24.7 covers constructing names for 
conferences, congresses, meetings, etc. Rule 24.8 
covers names for exhibitions, fairs, festivals, 

The subfields used in the 511 tag of the authority 
record parallel the subfields used in the 111 tag 
in the bibliographic record. In addition, subfields 
n and t allow the authority record to include the 
title of a work associated with the meeting name. 
Subfields v, x, y, and z allow for subdivisions 
used with the name in a subject heading.


First  Type of meeting name entry element

     0 Inverted name 

     1 Jurisdiction name 

     2 Name in direct order 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


   Name portion 

     a Meeting name or jurisdiction name (NR) 

     c Location of meeting (NR) 

     d Date of meeting (NR) 

     e Subordinate unit (R) 

   Name and title portions 

     n Number of part/section/meeting (R) 

   Title portion 

     t Title of a work (NR) 

   Subject subdivison portion  

     v Form subdivision (R) 

     x General subdivision (R) 

     y Chronological subdivision (R) 

     z Geographical subdivision (R) 


Library of Congress

     111 2  _aAlaska's Agricultural Symposium
     511 2  _aAgricultural Marketing Symposium
     511 2  _aAgricultural Symposium (Alaska)

     111 2  _aEuro-Arab Arbitration Congress
     511 2  _aEuro-Arab Arbitration Conference

     111 2  _aLife-Span Conference
            _n(2nd :
            _d1971 :
            _cWest Virginia University)
     511 2  _aWest Virginia University Conference 
              on Life-Span Developmental Psychology

     111 2  _aGender and Archaeology Conference
     511 2  _aArchaeology and Gender Conference
            _d(1994 :
            _cAppalachian State University)

     111 2  _aAlgebraic Conference
     511 2  _aConference "Algebra and Logic"

     111 2  _aAlcohol-Immunology AIDS Conference
     511 2  _aInternational Conference on Alcohol, 
              Drugs of Abuse, and Immunomodulation