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Title: 034 - Coded Cartographic Mathematical Data (R)

Mathematical data information is used with 
cartographic materials to assist in determining scale, 
coordinates, and equinox. In the MARC record this 
information is entered into the 255 tag in text form 
and into the 034 tag in coded form. Coded information 
entered in the 034 tag corresponds with the 
information entered in the 255 tag. 

The 034 tag contains many possible subfields, but only 
a few can be used with each type of cartographic 
material. With most maps, atlases, and globes, 
subfields a, b, d, e, f, and g will be appropriate. A 
relief map or model may use these plus subfield c. For 
celestial charts use subfields a, h, j, k, m, n, and 

Subfield a contains a code for the category of scale.
Use code a for most maps and globes. Code b is used 
with celestial charts. Code z stands for other types
of scales including time scales and statistical 

Subfield b contains a coded form of the scale found in 
tag 255 subfield a. When more than one horizontal 
scale is given, repeat subfield b. 

Subfield c contains the coded form of the vertical 
scale of a relief model or map. This scale would also 
be represented in the 255 tag subfield a. 

Subfields d, e, f, and g contain the coordinates of a
map. Each subfield is eight characters with the first
character being a letter code for the hemisphere 
(North, South, East, and West). The letter is followed 
by a number, three digits for the degree, two digits 
for the minute, and two digits for the second. 

Subfield h contains the angular scale for a celestial 

Subfields j, k, m, and n are used to enter codes for 
the right ascension and declination recorded in 
subfield d of the 255 tag. 

Subfield p contains the equinox as a coded form of the 
year. It is entered with four digits representing the 
year and may be followed by a decimal point and two 
digits for the month. 


First  Type of scale

     0 Scale indeterminable/No scale recorded 

     1 Single scale 

     3 Range of scales 

Second  Type of ring

 blank Not applicable 


     a Category of scale (NR) 

     b Constant ratio linear horizontal scale (R) 

     c Constant ratio linear vertical scale (R) 

     d Coordinates - westernmost longitude (NR) 

     e Coordinates - easternmost longitude (NR) 

     f Coordinates - northernmost latitude (NR) 

     g Coordinates - southernmost latitude (NR) 

     h Angular scale (R) 

     j Declination - northern limit (NR) 

     k Declination - southern limit (NR) 

     m Right ascension - eastern limit (NR) 

     n Right ascension - western limit (NR) 

     p Equinox (NR) 


There is no mark of punctuation at the end of this 


Maps, atlases, and globes

     034 1  _aa
     255    _aScale 1:7,500,000.

     034 3  _aa
     255    _aScales vary from 1:18000 to 1:28000.

No 034 entered

     255    _aScale not given.

     255    _aScale varies.

034 entered

     034 1  _aa
     255    _aScale [ca. 1:13,835,000]. 1 cm. = 138 
              km. 1 in. = 218 miles ;
            _bChamberlin trimetric proj.

     034 1  _a
     255    _a1:250,000
            _c(E 32(30'--E34(30'/N35(30'--N 35(00').

A relief map

     034 1  _aa
     255    _aScale [1:6,336,000]. 1 in. = 100 miles. 
              Vertical scale [1:192,000]. 1/16 in. = 
              approx. 1000'.

A celestial chart with right ascension of
center and declination of center given in the 255 

     034 1  _a
     255    _aScale 88 mm per 1(
            _d(RA 16 hr./Decl. +30( ;
            _eeq. 1973).

A celestial chart with right ascension and 
declination given as limits in the 255 field

     034 0  _ab
     255    _aScale not given
            _d(RA 0 hr. to 24 hr./Decl. +90( to -90( ;
            _eeq. 1980).	

     034 0  _ab
     255    _aScales vary
            _e(eq. 1986).