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Title: 037 - Source of Acquisition (R)

The 037 Source of Acquisition tag of the MARC 
bibliographic format contains the stock number, names 
and addresses, and terms of availability for the item 
described in the MARC record. The 037 tag has been 
used primarily to record subscription information for 
serial items, but the tag may be used with any type of 
material. The information in this tag is used by the 
librarians and usually does not display on the OPAC. 

When the item has a stock number, it is recorded in 
subfield a. Subfield b contains the name of a 
publisher, distributor, or vendor. The address, phone 
number, or other contact information may also be 
included in this subfield. Subfield c contains the 
terms of availability, usually the price for a serial 
subscription. For non-serial items the price is 
recorded in the 020 tag (International Standard Book 
Number) or the 024 tag (Other Standard Number). 


First  Indicator

 blank Not applicable/No information provided/Earliest

 2  Intervening

 3  Current/Latest

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


     a Stock number (NR) 

     b Source of stock number/acquisition (NR) 

     c Terms of availability (R) 


This field does not end with a period unless the last 
word is an abbreviation or other data that ends with a 
mark of punctuation.

Subfield are not preceded with a mark of punctuation 
unless the last word in the subfield ends with one.


Name, address, and phone number of the 
publisher of an annual 

     037    _bPeterson's Guides, 202 Carnegie Center,
              P.O. Box 2123, Princeton, NJ, 
              08543-2123, (609) 243-9111

Stock number and name of vendor

     037    _a24801G
            _bFollett Library Resources

Serial subscription information

     037    _bSchool Library Journal, 245 W. 17th St.,
              New York, NY, 10011, (212) 463-6759,
              fax: (212) 463-6689,
              e-mail: slj@cahners.com, web site: