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Title: 670 - Source Data Found (R)

The 670 - Source Data Found tag contains a citation 
for a source that was consulted in which 
information about the 1XX heading was found. The 
670 tag may also include the information that was 
found in the source. The information may be written 
in any form that is adequate for the librarian to 
read as the information is not publicly displayed. 
Each citation is contained in a separate tag.

Subfield a contains a citation for a published 
work. It may also include a description of any 
source or action that provided information about 
the 1xx heading, such as a telephone call to a 
publisher. When the author of the citation is the 
same as the 1xx heading, the tag may begin with the 
words: His, Her, Author's (gender unknown), or Its 
(not a personal name). Subfield b contains a 
statement of the information that was found in the 
source. A statement as to the location of the 
information within the source, such as title page, 
cover, forward, etc., may also be entered in this 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined 


     a Source citation (NR) 

     b Information found (NR) 


     100 1  _aGeisel, Theodor Seuss,
     670    _aContemp. auth., new rev. ser., v. 13
            _b(Geisel, Theodor Seuss; b. Mar. 2, 
              1904; pseuds.: Theo LeSieg; Dr. 
              Seuss; Rosetta Stone, a joint pseud.)
     670    _aData from ALA Booklist for Who's Dr.
              Seuss? {FS} 1981
            _b(Ted Geisel)
     670    _aWashington Post, 09-26-91
            _b(Theodor Seuss Geisel, who wrote as
              Dr. Seuss, d. 09-24-91, La Jolla, 

     100 1  _aKalman, Bobbie,
     670    _aHer My busy body, c1985:
            _bCIP t.p. (Bobbie Kalman) data sheet
              (b. 8-29-47)

     100 1  _aCummings, E. E.
            _q(Edward Estlin),
     670    _aHis The enormous room, c1922.

     110 2  _aGirl Scouts of the United States of 
     670    _aIts Girl Scout career education goes 
              to school, c1983:
            _bt.p. (Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.)

     110 2  _aBible Christians
     670    _aEncyc. Brit., 1911
            _bv. 18, p. 293 (Bible Christians 
              formed in 1815 by secession from 
              Wesleyan Methodists)	

     130 0  _aLittle Red Riding Hood
     670    _aLittle Red Riding Hood, c1989:
            _bCIP t.p.

     130 0  _aLittle rhino book
     670    _aStutson, C. On the river ABC, c1993:
            _bCIP t.p. (A Little rhino book)  

     130 0  _aBible
     670    _aThe Holy Scriptures, 1997