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Title: 222 - Key Title (R)

The 222 - Key Title tag contains a unique title 
assigned to a serial in conjunction with the ISSN 
(International Standard Serial Number). Many serials 
use the same title or titles that are quite similar. 
The key title is always unique and can help library 
users distinguish between serials with similar or 
identical titles. 

Key titles are assigned by national centers and 
registered with the ISSN Network in Paris (formerly 
known as the International Serial Data System or 
ISDS). The national center for the United States is 
the Library of Congress. In Canada, the national 
center is the National Library of Canada. 

The first indicator is undefined and is always 
blank. The second indicator is zero (0) unless the 
key title begins with an article. When there is an 
initial article the second indicator tells the 
computer how many spaces to skip when indexing this 
key title. 

The 222 tag contains two subfields. Subfield a 
contains the key title. The key title is formed from 
the title transcribed from the serial. Subfield b is 
used for qualifying information when it is necessary 
to distinguish between two or more serials that use 
the same title. The information in subfield b is 
enclosed in parentheses. 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined

Second  Nonfiling characters

   0     No nonfiling characters

   0-9 Number of nonfiling characters


     a Key title (NR)  

     b Qualifying information (NR) 


This tag does not end with a mark of punctuation 
(., !, ?, -) unless the last word is an abbreviation
or closing parenthesis.


     222  0 _a3-2-1 contact
     245 00 _a3-2-1 contact.

     222  4 _aThe best plays and the year book of
              the drama in America
     245 14 _aThe best plays of-- and the year book
              of the drama in America.

Several serials with the same title: 

     222  0 _aSigns of the times
     245 00 _aSigns of the times :
            _bthe national journal of advertising 

     222  0 _aSigns of the times
            _b(Mountain View)
     245 00 _aSigns of the times.

     222  0 _aSigns of the times
     245 00 _aSigns of the times.