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Title: 240 - Uniform Title (NR)

Uniform Titles are works which have a main entry 
(100, 110, or 111 tag) and are customarily used in 
music, laws, treaties, liturgical works with an 
author/composer, authored classics, and 
translations. The 240 Uniform Title will generally 
represent how the item was originally published or 
it will establish an authority pattern to bring a 
variety of works by the same author or composer into 
a conformity for easier location. These conditions 
happen when titles of a particular work are 
published under different titles in different 
countries or when a composer composes many works and 
they do not have distinctive or unique titles such 
as many concertos or symphonies. 

The 240 tag contains the Uniform Title for a work 
when the bibliographic record has an author (100), 
corporate author (110), or meeting main entry (111). 
This occurs when the work appears under varying 
titles, necessitating that a particular title be 
chosen to represent the work. Field 240 is not used 
when field 130 (Main Entry - Uniform Title) is 
present. Sometimes the 240 and 245 will be 

Subfield n contains the number designation used in a 
title for sequencing. Subfield p contains the name 
designation used in further defining a title. 
Subfield l contain the language of the present work. 
Subfield h contains the medium qualifier used with 
the title. This is optional. Subfield h is not used with
RDA.  Subfield k contains subheadings such as 
Manuscripts; Protocols, etc; Selections. Subfield s 
contains the version, edition, etc. of the item. 
Subfield d contains the date of signing for a treaty 
or other ntergovernmental agreement. Subfield m 
contains instruments, ensemble for music. Subfield r 
contains the key in which the music is written. Subfield o 
contains abbreviation arr. if work is an arrangement. 
Subfield f contains the date of publication for the work. 
This will generally be the last subfield in the 130 tag. 


First  Uniform Title printed or displayed

     0 Not printed or displayed 

     1 Printed or displayed 

Second  Nonfiling characters

   0-9 Number of non-filing characters present  
       (Articles are not entered unless the article is an 
       intricate part of the title.)  


     a Uniform title (NR) 

     n Number of part/section of a work (R) 

     p Name of part/section of a work (R) 

     l Language (NR) 

     h Medium (GMD) (NR) - not used with RDA

     k Form subheading (R)  

     s Version (NR) 

     d Date of treaty signing (R) 

     m Medium of performance for music (R) 

     r Key for music (NR) 

     o Arranged statement for music (NR) 

     f Date of a work (NR) 


This tag does not end with a mark of punctuation (., 
!, ?, -) unless the last word is an abbreviation or 
data that ends with a mark of punctuation.


     100 1  _aBeethoven, Ludwig van,
     240 10 _aFidelio
            _lEnglish & German
     245 10 _aFidelio/
            _cLudwig van Beethoven.

     110 2  _aInter-American Commission on Human 
     240 10 _aInfome sobre la situacion de los 
              derechos humanos en Paraguay.
     245 10 _aReport on the situation of human 
              rights in Paraguay.

     100 1  _aFrost, Robert,
     240 10 _aPoems.
     245 10 _aPopular Frost poems.

     100 1  _aFaure, Gabriel,
     240 10 _aPavan,
            _nop. 50,
            _rF# minor
     245 10 _aPavane /
            _cGabriel Faure ; arranged for flute 
              and guitar by Stefan Nesyba.

     100 1  _aTwain, Mark,_d1835-1910.
     240 10 _aTom Sawyer
     245 10 _aAdventures of Tom Sawyer /
            _cby Samuel Clemens.

     100 1  _aMozart, Wolfgang Amadeus,
     240 10 _aConcertos,
            _moboe, orchestra,
            _nK. 314,
            _rC major
     245 10 _aConcerto no.2 in D, K. 314 /

     100 1  _aTchaikovsky, Peter Illich,
     240 10 _a1812 annee.
     245 10 _a1812 overture /
            _cP.I. Tschaikowsky.

     100 1  _aShakespeare, William,
     240 10 _aHamlet
     245 10 _aHamlet for young people.

     100 1  _aShakespeare, William,
     240 10 _aHamlet
     245 10 _aTragedy of Hamlet.