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Title: 440 - Series Statement/Added Entry - Title (R)

The 440 tag was made obsolete in December 2008.
The 490 and 830 tags are now used for series
titles. See those tags for an explanation and

The Series Statement/Added Entry - Title (440 tag)
of the MARC 21 bibliographic record contains an 
indexed title of a series. The 440 tag may also 
include the number and name of a part or section of 
a series and the volume number of the item within 
the series. When the series has been assigned an 
International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), it may 
also be included in the 440 tag. 

A series is defined as a group of individual items 
each bearing its own separate title proper and a 
collective title applying to the group as a whole. 
An item can belong to more than one series. A 
series may be part of another series, that is, a 

The 440 tag helps library users locate the 
individual titles in a series. If a library user 
reads a book from a fiction series, he or she may 
want to see what other titles from that series are 
available. Library searchers may find that the 
quality or format of information found in a 
non-fiction series helpful and want to consult 
other titles in that series. 

AACR2R governs the Series Statement/Added Entry - 
Title tag with rule X.6. The X represents the 
particular chapter number depending on what type of 
media the librarian is cataloging. All formats 
except manuscripts (chapter 4) can contain a series 
statement. The series statement is taken from the 
chief source of information of the item. 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined

Second  Nonfiling characters

   0-9 Number of non-filing characters present 


     a Title (NR) 

     n Number of part/section of a series title (R) 

     p Name of part/section of a series title (R) 

     x International Standard Serial Number (NR) 

     v Volume number/sequential designation (NR) 


Precede subfield n with a period. 

Precede subfield p with a comma when it follows 
subfield n, otherwise precede with a period. 

Precede subfield v with space semi-colon. 

Precede subfield x with a comma. 

Do not include parentheses as the computer program 
should supply them. 

This tag does not end with a mark of punctuation
(., !, ?, -) unless the tag ends with an 
abbreviation or other data that ends with a mark of 


     440  0 _aCredo perspectives

     440  0 _aSweet Valley High ;

     440  4 _aThe Civil War

     440  0 _aAnnals of the New York Academy of 
            _x0077-8923 ;
            _vv. 498

     440  0 _aLudwig string orchestra series ;
            _vno. 34

     440  4 _aThe Schomburg library of 
              nineteenth-century Black women

     440  0 _aHello reader!
            _nLevel 2

     440  0 _aWiley series in probability and 
            _pApplied probability and statistics

     440  0 _aReinhold visuals ;