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What's new in Destiny 12.0 About | See what's new in Destiny® 12.0 Learn about Destiny Library Manager's new optional Universal Search interface: Tabbed search results that filter resources Ribbon ... more
What's New in Destiny 11.5 Webinar About | Destiny 11.5  — Discover the Enhancements! Learn the features and benefits of the newest Destiny release with enhancements that help you monitor usage and create an interactive digital learning environment with Follett eBooks. Find out: Increased integration with ... more
Successfully Rolling out a 1:1 Initiative Across A K12 District About | Join to hear Rick Jones, School Librarian with Eastbrook Community Schools (Marion, Indiana) detail a successful roll out of a 1:1 initiative across the entire K-12 district from the pre-planning stage to devices in the hands of students. Learn how Rick Jones utilized Destiny Ass... more
Before and After Destiny Library Manager: Manitowoc Public School's Journey About | How Destiny® Builds Tomorrow's Library Today! Join Tammy Dineen, Robin Mills and Ellen Reinertson to discuss their library's move from a competitor to Destiny. They will detail the process of changing automation systems and how their decision to move to Destiny has transform... more
One Search - From Launch to Use About | Do you want to know how other schools use One Search? Interested in getting teachers and students involved in the library and classroom? Andrew Dutcher from Dryden Central School District in New York shares how his district: Set up patrons individually, by class or en masse to u... more
What's New in Destiny 11.0 About | Destiny 11.0 Meets Your Library Needs — Discover the Enhancements! Learn the features and benefits of the newest Destiny release with enhancements that help you monitor usage and create an interactive digital learning environment with Follett eBooks. Find out: How... more
Meeting the Common Core with One Search About | Join the Napa Valley School Library Consortium eTeam for a look into the American Canyon High School and Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School BYOD libraries. Learn how these sites are providing eReference by integrating One Search™ with Common Core and how a single click provides ... more
Empowering Digital Learning: Driving Library Efficiency at Your School About | Learn how one school took their library program from average to awesome! Multi Media Technician Wendy Moitoso wanted to empower her staff and students to meet digital learning head-on. Learn how this Modesto, CA school: Expanded their school library into a hub of digital learnin... more
What's New in Destiny 10.0 Webinar About | View Maximize Your Time and Resources with Destiny 10.0 Destiny 10.0 will provide your district with over 50 customer suggested enhancements and features to help you maximize your time and resources. Whether you are managing library resources or other school assets, Destiny 10.... more
Cut Costs, Improve Efficiency and Simplify Reporting through Better Management of IT Assets About | View As budgets shrink and IT assets become more integral to digitized teaching environments, effective management of technology resources is more critical than ever. Today’s challenges require savvy educators to not only ensure that all assets are working and available for students an... more
Creating Advocacy for Your Library About | View A School Library Journal Webcast “Why do school libraries need money for books when everything is online?” “Why do we need a campus library when students can do their research on the internet” “You just check books in and out all day – why... more
Collaboration Through Understanding About | View How does your school define ‘collaboration' ? Dictionary.com defines it as: collaboration (co.lab.or.ey.shun) - noun. 1. the act of working with another or others on a joint project; cooperate Collaboration between educators, students and parents is essential not o... more
How to Become a Data-driven District About | View What does it look like to be data-driven and how do you do it? Adopting the right approach to data warehousing is the most important step to take if you’re going to align and optimize your school processes and organizational activities to support teaching and learning outcomes. Fi... more
Managing Textbook Inventory to Lower Costs and Support Student Success About | View Between replacement costs, unused textbooks hiding in closets, and the potential penalties of an audit, your textbook inventory can cost you much more than just the price on the cover. Three districts discuss how they now efficiently track textbook inventory and have brought their textb... more
What's New in Destiny 9.8 About | View Developed from your requests and feedback, the newest version of Destiny® Library Manager™ and Destiny Textbook Manager™ provides a host of dynamic improvements. During this live training session, learn how Destiny 9.8 can help you do more with fewer resources and find t... more
What's New: Destiny Textbook Manager and Destiny Asset Manager 9.5 About | View Learn all about the latest release of Destiny 9.5. Stronger ROI through improved reporting and support for multi-site associations help you make the most of your textbook or asset investments while ensuring students have the resources they need to achieve. In one hour, learn how you can... more
What's New: Destiny Library Manager 9.5 About | View Discover your most-asked-for features, reporting improvements and more! See how Destiny 9.5 makes managing your library easier and expands resource access while keeping students engaged. In one hour, learn how you can: Expand Destiny Quest™ searching Engage students thr... more
Destiny Library Manager: Easy on You, Easy on Your Budget About | View Now there's an easier way to manage your school's library. Budgets are tight and you need to be able to do more during your day with fewer resources. During this complimentary 60-minute Webinar, learn first hand from Todd Hamel, Technology Coordinator at the Uniontown Area Schoo... more
Moving Forward: Engaging the 21st Century Learner About | View Are schools engaging today’s digital learner and empowering them with the skills and knowledge demanded by universities and employers in a global economy? As a library professional and educator, your interaction with the 21st century learner may hold the key to each student’s s... more
California Districts Save Money Managing Textbooks in a Tight Economy About | View With new textbook adoptions suspended in California until 2014, smart textbook management has never been more critical. Riverside USD Deputy Superintendent Michael H. Fine reveals how his district maximizes its textbook investment despite a turbulent economy. Discover first-hand ho... more
Using Data to Manage and Improve Response to Intervention About | View Research shows that effectively screening for and responding to at-risk students involves much more than monitoring test scores. Many non-academic indicators can provide early warning signs about the need for intervention. This web seminar will explore how administrators at the Allentown S... more
Using Technology to Achieve Total Resource Management About | View Managing all of the costly assets across your district and generating reports to view each asset's location, condition and funding source can be a burden. Leveraging advanced technology like Destiny Asset Manager™ can help you centralize and report on all of your assets, whether you ... more
Migration 101: Moving Your Library to Destiny About | View Find out first-hand how districts large and small have moved their library systems to Destiny® Library Manager™, exploring the migration process and what it will take to move your system. Find out more about the software, along with the implementation, training and professiona... more
Smart Textbook Management Makes Dollars and Sense About | View Economic conditions are challenging, especially if you're a district trying to manage textbook expenditures across your district. Hear how one district is saving budget dollars and streamlining their textbook management process with the help of Destiny® Textbook Manager™. ... more
Managing Your Textbooks Makes Dollars and Sense About | View Are you losing money because of missing textbooks and over-ordering? Are you overwhelmed with managing your district's textbooks? Find out how Riverside Unified School District experienced significant savings within the first few months after implementing Destiny Textbook Manager&tr... more
Building a Data Culture that Will Improve Student Achievement About | View Find out how two leading districts, San Jose in California and Iredell-Statesville in North Carolina, improved student outcomes by building a culture of data-driven decision making throughout their schools. Join Web Seminar Editor J.D. Solomon and two senior administrators from these distr... more
My Best Asset Webinar About | View More Value from the Assets You Hold Today... Information for Purchasing Tomorrow Let's face it, budgets are shrinking but you still need to not only ensure that your assets are working and available for students and faculty but also be able to accurately report on their availab... more
The Three R's of Textbook Management About | View Let's face it, budgets are shrinking but you still have to make sure that students have access to the books they need to achieve critical learning goals. During this complimentary 60 minute Webinar, learn how Destiny Textbook Manager can help you reduce your textbook inventory loss.... more
Maximize the Use of All Your District's Assets About | View Learn how to optimize the use of all your assets. Destiny Asset Manager gives your school the ability to manage a variety of assets to ensure that students and faculty have access to all available resources. This Webinar is 60 Minutes in duration.... more