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MARC Resources

Follett Software Company is a division of Follett Corporation, a respected name in education, known initially for building our nation’s school libraries beginning in 1874.

Follett Software was chosen by Microsoft® to help define K-12 library software standards for this important initiative that enables the software systems that manage education to share information with each other. Playing a critical role in defining MARC record standards for libraries, Follett’s Understanding MARC Bibliographic publication was adopted by the Library of Congress to help train public and academic librarians in the use of the standards.

Ask Ms. MARC

Got cataloging questions? Turn to Ms. MARC. Review recently answered questions and ask your own.
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Tag of the Month

Need help understanding MARC tags? Turn to Tag of the Month. View common tags and sample MARC records.
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This document will help you understand the main differences between the RDA (Resource Description and Access) and the AACR2 (Anglo-American Catalog Rules) cataloging standards.
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Understanding MARC Bibliographic

A brief description and tutorial written in conjunction with the Library of Congress. View the Understanding MARC Bibligraphic: Machine-Readable Cataloging.
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Understanding MARC Authority

A brief description and tutorial. View the Understanding MARC Authority Records: Machine-Readable Cataloging.
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