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Title: 518 - Date/Time and Place of an Event Note (R)

The 518 tag Date/Time and Place of an Event Note of
the MARC 21 bibliographic record contains a note on 
the date/time and/or place of creation, capture, or 
broadcast associated with an event. The information 
to be included is date/time and/or place of 
recording, filming, execution, broadcast or as in 
the case of a naturally occurring object, of 
finding the item. 

Subfield a contains the entire contents of the 

First  Undefined

 blank Undefined 

Second  Undefined
 blank Undefined 

     a Date/time and place of an event note (NR) 


This field ends with a period unless another mark
of punctuation (!, ?, -) is present.


     518    _aRecorded live at Dodger Stadium, Los 
              Angeles, July 16, 1994.

     518    _aRecorded live in Paris at the Champs 
              de Mars, Eiffel Tower.

     518    _aSermons, delivered from the pulpit of 
              United Methodist Church, Cimarron, 

     518    _aBroadcast November 21, 1963 at 6:30
              p.m. (EST).

     518    _aRecorded Mar. 11-12, 1979.

     518    _aFound on May 5, 1985, in Richmond, 

     518    _aFilmed on location in Cairo from June 
              through November 1974.