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Title: 521 - Target Audience Note (R)

The 521 tag of the MARC 21 bibliographic format 
contains a note about the specific audience or 
intellectual level the item was created for. Many 
teachers and librarians use the information in 
this tag to find appropriate resources for class 
assignments and reading lists. 

AACR2 covers the Target Audience Note in rule 
1.7B14 and in the X.7B14 rules for each format in 
chapters 2-12 (2.7B14, 3.7B14, etc.). RDA provides
instructions on recording the intended audience in 

Subfield a contains the Target Audience Note. 

     Reading grade levels are entered as decimal 
     numbers (1.9, 6.5, etc.). The whole number 
     represents the grade and the decimal 
     represents the month within the grade that the 
     title is appropriate. 

     Interest age levels are entered in a range 
     using three digits, a dash, and three digits 
     (003-008, 012-102, 018-up, etc.). 

     Interest grade levels are entered as a range 
     of grades. (K-3, 3-6, etc.) 

     MPAA ratings for videos are entered using 8 as 
     the first indicator. 

     Special audience characteristics such as 
     vision impaired can help identify the needs of 
     a specific audience. 

     Motivation/interest levels can further define 
     the appropriateness  of the title. 

Subfield b contains the name of the agency
assigning the target audience level. If the target 
audience level is assigned locally, the name of 
your library should appear in subfield b.


First  Display constant controller

     blank Audience 

     0 Reading grade level 

     1 Interest age level 

     2 Interest grade level 

     3 Special audience characteristics 

     4 Motivation interest level 

     8 No display constant generated 

Second  Undefined
 blank Undefined

     a Target Audience Note (R) 

     b Source of the note(NR) 


This field ends with a period unless another mark 
of punctuation (!, ?, -) is present.


     521 0  _a7.4
                _bFollett School Solutions.
                   (The reading level is for the fourth month 
                     of the seventh grade.)

     521 2  _a5-8
                _bFollett School Solutions.
                     (The interest level is for fifth to eighth graders.)

     521     _aAdult
                _bFollett School Solutions.

     521 1  _a006-010.
                     (The interest level is for ages 6-10.)

     521 1  _a012-up.
                    (The interest level is for ages 12 and up.) 

     521 3  _aVision impaired
                _afine motor skills impaired
                _aaudio learner

     521 4  _aHighly motivated
                _ahigh interest

     521 8  _aMPAA rating: PG.

     521 8  _a700

     521 8  _aAD 120

     521 8  _aBR

     521 8   _aJ
                 _bFountas and Pinnell.

     521  8   _aZ
                  _bGuided Reading.  
      521  8   _aYY
                   _bAmerican Benchmarks for Excellence.
      521  8    _a40
                    _bDevelopmental Reading Assessment.