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Title: 59X - Local Notes (R)

The Local Notes (590-599 tags) of the MARC 21 
bibliographic record are reserved for local use. 
These tags allow the library to communicate 
information that applies uniquely to the item the 
library owns. Some common uses of these tags 
include information about who donated the item, 
that a book is autographed by the author, the 
condition of the item, where the library keeps the 
item, and serial numbers for audiovisual equipment. 

In addition to the Local Notes, the MARC format 
also allows for Local Subject Access Fields in the 
69X tags and locally defined fields in the 9XX 
tags. When records are shared in a district or
consortium some special issues arise. Often the 
local fields are not displayed  to al libraries in the
district or consortium as they are not considered 
to be of interest to users outside the local library. 
When exchanging records with local fields the 
system administrator will need special instructions 
about whether the local fields are to display and 
how the local fields are structured. 

The library determines which tags, subfields, and 
indicators to use. In our examples, we are using 
the 590 tag with only subfield a. We are not 
defining any indicators. 


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined


     a Local note (NR) 


The field ends with a period or some other mark of
punctuation (!, ?, -).


     590    _aA birthday book donated by Joan Long.

     590    _aDonated in memory of Dr. Charles 

     590    _aLibrary's copy is number 440 out of a
              numbered series of 500.

     590    _aSigned by the author.

     590    _aKept at Reference Desk.

     590    _aTitle page missing.

     590    _aSerial no.: 80091107.