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Title: 630 - Subject Added Entry - Uniform Title (R)

The Subject Added Entry - Uniform Title (630 tag)
of the MARC 21 bibliographic record contains a 
uniform title for a work used as a subject heading. 
The 630 tag contains the title for an anonymous 
work or a work for which many people share 
responsibility. This allows library users to find 
items about the Bible, the Arabian Nights, the Dead 
Sea Scrolls, the Koran, individual motion pictures, 
and other such works. Titles of work with 
individual authors are entered in the 600 tag 
subfield t. 

Chapter 25 of AACR2, "Uniform Titles", contains 
rules for constructing uniform titles for use as 
headings. This chapter contains sections on 
headings for laws, treaties, sacred scriptures, 
liturgical works, and musical works. 

RDA 6.2 provides guidelines on recording titles
of works.

Uniform titles used as subject headings may be 
modified by the use of subdivisions. The use and 
application of these subdivisions are determined by 
the controlled vocabulary list the library uses. In 
the United States the most popular subject heading 
lists are the Library of Congress Subject 
Headings and the Sears List of Subject 
Headings. Consult the subject heading list of 
your choice for the use and application rules and 

Subfield a of the 630 tag usually contains the 
established form of the uniform title. Subfield f 
includes the date of a work to distinguish it from 
editions published at a different date. Subfield k 
contains a form heading, usually Selections. 
Subfield l tells the language of a translation. 
Subfield n contains the number of a part of the 
work in subfield a, and subfield p contains the 
name of a part. Use subfield x for general 
subdivisions. Use subfield z for a geographic
subdivision. Use subfield v for a form subdivision.


First  Nonfiling characters

   0-9 Number of nonfiling characters present 

Second  Thesaurus

     0 Library of Congress Subject Headings/LC 
       authority files 

     1 LC subject headings for children's 

     2 Medical Subject Headings/NLM authority files 

     3 National Agricultural Library subject 
       authority files 

     4 Source not specified 

     5 Canadian Subject Headings/NLC authority file 

     6 Répertoire des vedettes-matiére/NLC 
       authority file 

     7 Source specified in subfield _2 


     a Uniform title (NR) 

     f Date of a work (NR) 

     k Form subheading (R) 

     l Language of a work (NR) 

     n Number of part/section of a work (R) 

     p Name of part/section of a work (R) 

     s Version (NR) 
     v Form subdivision (R)

     x General subdivision (R) 

     z Geographical subdivision (R) 

     2 Source of heading or term (NR) 


The field ends with a mark of punctuation 
(., !, ?, -) or a closing parenthesis. This mark of 
punctuation precedes subfield 2 when present.


     630 00 _aBible.
            _sNew International.

     630 00 _aBible.
            _sAnchor Bible.

     630 00 _aBible.
            _pIsaiah.          (AACR2)

      630 00 _aBible.
            _pIsaiah.          (RDA)

     630 00 _aKoran.
            _pSurat al-Shurá,
            _n23.               (AACR2)

      630 00 _aQur'an.
            _pSurat al-Shurá,
            _n23.               (RDA)

     630 00 _aJack and the beanstalk.

     630 00 _aLittle mermaid (Motion picture)

     630 00 _aLittle mermaid (Choreographic work :

     630 00 _aPogo (Comic strip)

     630 00 _aNew York times.

     630 00 _aSports illustrated.	
     630 00 _aDeadlock (Computer file)

     630 00 _aArabian nights.

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) 
and LC's Names Authority List are designed for LC's 
own collection and are used by many large public 
libraries, college and university libraries, and 
special libraries. LC's lists are comprehensive, 
and have a number of free-floating subdivisions 
that can be added to uniform titles. 

     630 00 _aBeowulf
            _vJuvenile sound recordings.

     630 00 _aQur'an

     630 00 _aBible
            _xCriticism, interpretation, etc.

    630 00 _aBible
          _vExaminations, questions, etc.

     630 00 _aAve Maria.  

The Library of Congress Subject Headings for 
Children's Literature or Annotated Card (AC) 
generally use the LCSH version of uniform titles. 
Use of Hail Mary for Ave Maria is an exception. 

     630 01 _aHail Mary.  

Sears List of Subject Headings is designed 
to meet the needs of small and medium-sized 
libraries. In Alliance Plus we use the Library of 
Congress Name Authority List for uniform titles in 
Sears headings. Sears provides a smaller list of 
subdivisions than LCSH. The example shows a case 
where Sears uses a different subdivision from the 
Library of Congress. 

     630 07 _aBible

      630 07 _aBible