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Title: 650 - Subject Added Entry - Topical Term (R)

In order to access information in a collection, 
library users can search by different subjects that 
describe in a word or a phrase the contents of a 
particular item. If library users want books about 
cats they could look under the subject "Cats". This 
makes the collection more accessible because the 
library users would not have to know the title or 
the author of individual items to locate the 
information they need. 

In the MARC bibliographic record there are several 
tags which represent different types of subject 
headings. The 650 tag provides topical or general 
subject headings, phrase subject headings including 
general names of meetings, events, or objects, and 
phrase topics that begin with a geographic name. 
This subject heading would NOT include personal 
names of real people, specific meetings and events, 
corporate bodies, or geographic places. 

Subject headings are derived from a controlled 
vocabulary list such as Sears List of Subject 
Headings or Library of Congress Subject 
Headings. Not using a controlled vocabulary
list of subject heading terms can cause confusion 
and frustration for library searchers. For example, 
in an uncontrolled vocabulary, a library searcher 
looking for information about the abuse of drugs 
might look under such subjects as: "Abuse of 
drugs", "Drug habit", "Drug misuse", "Drug use", 
"Drug abuse", or any number of other phrases or 
terms. However, if the library uses controlled 
subject heading terms, all of the material about 
the abuse of drugs should be given the same subject 
heading from the controlled subject heading list 
and cross references would lead the library user to 
the correct term. 

The addition of subdivision terms to the subject 
headings also provides more precise subject access. 
The subdivisions and the rules for using them are 
established by the agency responsible for the 
subject heading system. 

In the 650 tag the second indicator tells which 
authorized subject heading list is used. When using 
Sears headings, enter 7 as the second indicator and 
sears (all lower case letters) in subfield 2. 


First  Level of subject

 blank No information provided 

Second  Subject heading system/thesaurus

     0 Library of Congress Subject Headings 

     1 LC subject headings for children's 

     2 Medical Subject Headings 

     3 National Agricultural Library subject 
       authority file 

     4 Source not specified 

     5 Canadian Subject Headings 

     6 Répertoire des vedettes-matière 

     7 Source specified in subfield 2 

     a Topical term or geographic name as entry 
       element (NR) 

     v Form subdivision (R) 

     x General subdivision (R) 

     y Chronological subdivision (R) 

     z Geographic subdivision (R) 

     2 Source of heading or term (NR)


This tag ends with a mark of punctuation 
(., !, ?, -) or a closing parenthesis. This mark of 
punctuation precedes subfield 2 when present.


Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) 
and LC's Name Authority List are designed for LC's 
own collection and are used by many large public 
libraries, college and university libraries, and 
special libraries. LC's lists are comprehensive, 
and have a large number of free-floating 
subdivisions that can be added to names. 

     650  0 _aAdventure and adventurers

     650  0 _aAdvertising

     650  0 _aCanada goose.

     650  0 _aChildren's parties.

     650  0 _aComputer industry.

     650  0 _aCooking (Bananas)

     650  0 _aEnglish language
            _xOrthography and spelling.

     650  0 _aFrontier and pioneer life

     650  0 _aHeroes.

     650  0 _aWomen heroes.

     650  0 _aHistory, Modern
            _y19th century.

     650  0 _aImaginary companions.

     650  0 _aMythology, Classical.

     650  0 _aRoads
            _xDesign and construction
            _xEquipment and supplies.

     650  0 _aScience and civilization
            _y20th century.

     650  0 _aSevere storms	

     650  0 _aSwine

Library of Congress Subject Headings for Children's 
Literature or Annotated Card (AC) Headings 
generally use LCSH terms; however, sometimes it 
substitutes a more familiar or shortened version of 
the subject in the AC heading. 

     650  1 _aAdventure and adventurers

     650  1 _aCookery

     650  1 _aEnglish language

     650  1 _aFrontier and pioneer life

     650  1 _aImaginery playmates

     650  1 _aParties.

     650  1 _aPigs.

Sears List of Subject Headings is designed 
to meet the needs of small and medium-sized 
libraries. Sears provides a smaller, more
simplified list of subjects and subdivisions to use 
than LCSH. Sears also allows for narrower headings 
being added by the library under certain specified 

     650  7 _aAdventure fiction.

     650  7 _aAdvertising

     650  7 _aCanada geese.

     650  7 _aChildren's parties.

     650  7 _aClassical mythology.

     650  7 _aComputer industry.

     650  7 _aCooking

     650  7 _aEnglish language

     650  7 _aFrontier and pioneer life

     650  7 _aHeroes and heroines.

     650  7 _aImaginery playmates

     650  7 _aWorld history
            _y19th century

      650  7 _aParties.

     650  7 _aPigs.

     650  7 _aRoads
            _xDesign and construction
            _xEquipment and supplies.

     650  7 _aScience and civilization.

     650  7 _aStorms.