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Title: 69X - Local Subject Access Fields (R)

The Local Subject Access Fields (690-699 tags) of
the MARC 21 bibliographic record are reserved for 
local use. The library can use these tags for 
locally established subject headings. Use of local 
subject access can make it possible for library 
users to find items of local interest with a simple 
search, for example, books by local authors. Other 
uses might deal with special programs of the 
individual library. Where there is a tradition of 
donating books to the library to honor people 
on their birthdays, a local subject term like 
Birthday books would bring up a list of these 
books. Local subject terms can provide better 
access to special collections or to the vertical 
file in your library. 

In addition to the Local Subject Access Fields, the 
MARC format also allows for Local Notes in the 59X 
tags and locally defined fields in the 9XX tags. 
When records with local fields are shared in a 
district or consortium some special issues arise. 
Often the local fields are not displayed at the
district level or consortium as they are not 
considered to be of interest to users outside the 
local library. When exchanging records with 
local fields the system administrator will need 
special instructions about whether the local fields 
are to display and how the local fields are 

The library determines which tags, subfields, and 
indicators to use. For the purpose of our examples 
we are using the 690 tag with the same subfields as 
the 650 tag. We are not defining any indicators.


First  Undefined

 blank Undefined 

Second  Undefined

 blank Undefined 


     a Local subject term (NR) 

     v Form subdivision (R) 
     x General subdivision (R) 

     y Chronological subdivision (R) 

     z Geographic subdivision (R) 

     5 Institution to which field applies (NR)
        In Destiny, for local tags that are not of interest to patrons of other libraries in 
        the district, the use of a correctly formatted subfield 5 limits their display to  
        that one Destiny site only.

        The correct format for entry is:
             Destiny(site ID)

The field ends with a period or some other mark of
punctuation (!, ?, -). 

Note: The ending punctuation is entered in the field preceding subfield 5. Do not enter any ending punctuation in subfield 5.


     690    _aFaculty writings.

     690    _aLocal authors.

     590    _aA birthday book donated by Joan Long.
     690    _aBirthday books.
     690    _aLong, Joan
            _xBirthday book.

     590    _aDonated in memory of Dr. Charles 
     690    _aMemorial books.
     690    _aSmith, Charles
            _xMemorial book.

     690    _aHomepages.

     690    _aMain Street restoration project.