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Title: 710 - Added Entry - Corporate Name (R)

The Added Entry - Corporate Name (710 tag) of the 
MARC 21 bibliographic record contains a name 
heading for the corporate body or performing group 
responsible for the work or some portion of the 
work. In a catalog record, one access point is 
chosen as the main entry heading. This can be 
either a name or a title of a work. When the main 
entry is a corporate name heading, the corporate 
name is entered in the 110 tag. The corporate name 
in a 710 tag is not considered the main entry; 
however, access to the corporate name is an 
additional way to search for the work. These 
corporate names include editors, compilers, joint 
authors, illustrators, translators, and other 
corporate names that a library user may use to 
search for a work. Each corporate name is entered 
in a separate 710 tag. 

AACR2 covers main and added entries in chapter 21,
"Choice of Access Points". Chapter 24, "Headings 
for Corporate Bodies", covers the construction of 
corporate names in AACR2 form. 

RDA provides guidelines on identifying corporate 
bodies in Chapter 11.

Thirteen subfields may be used in the 710 tag. Some 
of these subfields are used only with the corporate 
name portion of the tag. Others are used only with 
a title of a work which is associated with the 
corporate name. Note, however, that subfield n can 
be used both for the number of a meeting (in the 
name portion) and for the number of a part or 
section of a work (in the title portion). 

Subfield a of the 710 tag usually contains the 
corporate name in direct order or the name of a 
jurisdiction (country, state, etc.). Older record 
may contain corporate names in inverted order. 
Subfield b contains a subdivision of a corporate 
body. Subfield b may be repeated to show levels of 
hierarchy in an organization. Subfields c, d, and n 
contain information about the location, date, and 
number of meetings of a corporate body, such as, 
sessions of legislative bodies or annual meetings 
of corporations and organizations. Subfield e 
contains a relator term for the function of the 
corporate body in producing the work. Usually only 
the term ill. for illustrator is used in this 

Subfield t contains the title of a work associated 
with the corporate name in subfield a. Additional 
subfields that may be used to further define the 
identity of a work are: f (date of work), h (medium 
of work), l (language of a work), n (number of 
part/section of a work), p (name of a part/section 
of a work), and s (version). 

Subfield k (form subheading) may appear after 
subfield t with the terms selections, manuscripts, 
or protocols, etc. The subfield may also be used 
after the name of governmental jurisdictions with 
the terms treaties, etc. or laws, etc. 


First  Type of corporate name entry element

     0 Inverted name 

     1 Jurisdiction name 

     2 Name in direct order 

Second  Type of added entry

 blank No information provided 

     2 Analytical entry 


     a Corporate or jurisdiction name (NR) 

     b Subordinate unit (R) 

     c Location of meeting (R) 

     d Date of a meeting or treaty signing (R) 

     e Relator term (R) 

     f Date of a work (NR) 

     h Medium (NR) 

     k Form subheading (R) 

     l Language of a work (NR) 

     n Number of part/section/meeting (R) 

     p Name of a part/section of a work (R) 

     s Version (NR) 

     t Title of a work (NR) 


Subfield b is preceded by a period. 

Subfield c is usually preceded by a space colon. 

Subfield d is preceded a space colon. 

Subfield e is preceded by a comma. 

Subfield t is preceded by a period. 

Subfield n is preceded by a period when following a
subfield t. 

Subfield n is preceded by no punctuation when 
following a subfield a or b. 

Subfield p is preceded by a comma when following a 
subfield n. 

Subfield p is preceded by a period when following a 
subfield t. 

Subfields f, h, k, l, and s are always preceded by 
a period. 

Subfields c, d, and n are enclosed in parentheses 
when containing the location, date, and number of a 

The field ends with a mark of punctuation 
(., !, ?, -) or a closing parenthesis.


Names in direct order and inverted (older version) 

     710 2  _aArthur Wiesenberger & Company.
     710 0  _aWiesenberger (Arthur) and Company,
              New York.

Government bodies

     710 1  _aUnited States.
            _bCommittee on Education and Labor.
            _bGeneral Subcommittee on Education.

     710 1  _aUnited States.
            _n(102nd, 1st session :

     710 1  _aUnited States.
            _n1st amendment.

     710 1  _aUnited States.
            _kTreaties, etc. Russia (U.S.S.R.)

     710 1  _aCanada.
            _kLaws, etc.

     710 12 _aIowa.
            _bState Dept. of Health.
            _bNutrition Section.
            _tSimplified diet manual with meal 

     710 1  _aDade County (Fla.).
            _bAviation Dept.

Performing groups

     710 2  _aKronos Quartet.

     710 2  _aActors Studio (New York, N.Y.)

     710 2  _aBooker T. & the MG's (Musical group)

     710 2  _aBallet Russe de Monte Carlo.

     710 2  _aChrist Church Cathedral (Oxford,
            _bBoys' Choir.

Corporate bodies in direct order

     710 2  _aDesign Center (Firm), 

     710 22 _aNew York Heart Association.
            _tNomenclature and criteria for
              diagnosis of diseases of the heart
              and great vessels.

     710 22 _aCatholic Church.
            _tCodex Juris Canonici (1983).
     710 2  _aArgus Communications Corporation.
     710 2  _aEducational Activities, inc.
     710 2  _aActivity Records, inc.

     710 2  _aColumbia College (Chicago, Ill.)
                _bMuseum of Contemporary Photography 
     710 2  _aEnglish School (Helsinki, Finland)

     710 2  _aUniversity of Mississippi.
            _bCenter for the Study of Southern 

     710 2  _aGolda Meir Library.

     710 2  _aSociety for American Archaeology.
            _bAnnual Meeting.
            _n(41st :
            _d1979 :
            _cSt. Louis)