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Title: 711 - Added Entry - Meeting Name (R)

The Added Entry - Meeting Name (711 tag) of 
the MARC 21 bibliographic record contains a 
name heading for the conference, exhibition, 
expedition, or other type of event responsible 
for the work or some portion of the work. In a 
catalog record, one access point is chosen as 
the main entry heading. This can be either a 
name or a title of a work. When the main entry 
is a meeting name, the meeting name is entered 
in the 111 tag. The meeting name in a 711 is 
not considered the main entry; however, access 
to the meeting name is an additional way to 
search for the work. Each meeting name is 
entered in a separate 711 tag. 

AACR2 covers main and added entries in 
chapter 21, "Choice Of Access Points". Rule 
21.1B1 includes conferences and ad hoc 
events (such as athletic contests, exhibitions, 
expeditions, fairs, and festivals) in the 
definition of corporate bodies. Rule 21.1B2 
tells when to use the meeting name as the 
main entry for the collective activity of a 
conference, an expedition, or an event when 
it is prominently named on the item. In all 
other cases the meeting name goes in a 711 tag. 

RDA provides guidelines for entry of conferences,
congresses, meetings, etc., in chapter 11 with 
guidelines on how to choose the form of name in

Chapter 24, "Headings For Corporate Bodies", 
contains rules for constructing corporate 
names in AACR2 form. Rule 24.7 covers 
constructing names for conferences, 
congresses, meetings, etc. Rule 24.8 
covers names for exhibitions, fairs, festivals, 

RDA provides guidelines on 
constructing the conference name.

Subfield a of the 711 tag usually contains 
the meeting name in direct order. Older 
records may contain corporate names in inverted 
order or the name of a jurisdiction (country, 
state, etc.). Subfield n contains the number 
(1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) when the meeting is part 
of a numbered series. Subfield d contains the 
date of the meeting. This is usually the year, 
but may contain a specific date with year, 
month, and day to distinguish two meetings in 
the same year. Subfield c contains the location 
of the meeting. This may be a place name (a 
city with country or state) or an institution 
(a college, university, airport, park, etc.). 
Subfield e contains the name of a meeting or 
committee that is part of the larger meeting. 

First Type of meeting name entry

     0 Inverted name

     1 Jurisdiction name

     2 Name in direct order

Second Type of added entry

 blank Undefined


     a Meeting or jurisdiction name as entry
       element (NR)

     c Location of meeting (NR)

     d Date of meeting (NR)

     e Subordinate unit (R)

     n Number of part/section/meeting (R)


The field ends with a mark of punctuation
(., !, ?, -) or a closing parenthesis.


Name inverted (older version) and in
direct order 

     711 0  _aJoyce (James) Symposium
            _n(1st :
            _d1967 :
            _cDublin, Ireland)
     711 2  _aJames Joyce Symposium
            _n(1st : 
            _d1967 : 
            _cDublin, Ireland)
Conferences and events

     711 2  _aInternational Symposium on the 
              Research and Documentation in Museums 
              of Cultural Aspects of Toys, 
              Children, and Youth
            _d(1993 :
            _cCologne, Germany)

     711 2  _aUnesco Symposium on the Publication 
              of Books in the Various Languages of 
              Multilingual Countries
            _d(1976 :
            _cMoscow, Russia, and Alma-Ata,

     711 2  _aAIC Seminar
            _n(15th :
            _d1986 July 22-24)

     711 2  _aAlabama Symposium on Justice and the
              Behavioral Sciences
            _b(3rd :
            _d1974 :
            _cUniversity of Alabama)

     711 2  _aBritish Antarctic Expedition

     711 2  _aStockton Asparagus Festival (Calif.)

     711 2  _aMiddle Atlantic Regional Gospel Music

     711 2  _aDrawing and Small Sculpture Show
            _d1983 :
            _cBall State University)

     711 2  _aInternational Teleconference 
            _d(1984 :
            _cSydney, N.S.W., etc.)

     711 2  _aHofstra University Reading Conference
            _n(3rd :

      711 2  _aGlass Trade Bead Conference
             _d(1982 :
             _cRochester Museum & Science Center)

      711 2  _aNational Conference on the Abandoned
             _d(1970 :
             _cWashington, D.C.)

      711 2  _aOlympic Games
             _n(11th :
             _d1936 :
             _cBerlin, Germany)