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Title: 830 - Series Statement Added Entry - Uniform Title (R)

Series statements within the MARC record can be 
entered into several different fields and each 
series field has particular rules defining how they 
are used. Series statements assist library users in
locating items with the same characters or with 
other similar characteristics established by the 
author and publisher. A series, then, is defined as 
a group of individual items each bearing its own 
separate title proper with a collective title or 
"series" title applied to the group as a whole. An 
item can belong to more than one series. 

The 830 Series Statement field is most often used 
in direct conjunction with the 490 field with a first
indicator of 1. The 830 tag will include the Library
of Congress authorized title of the series and may 
include the number assigned to the particular item. 
When the series has been assigned an International
Standard Serial Number (ISSN), it may also be 
included in the 830 tag.

AACR2 governs the series statement with rule X.6. 
The X represents the particular chapter number 
depending on what type of media the librarian is 
cataloging. All formats except manuscripts (chapter 
4) can contain a series statement. The 490 
indicates how the series statement appears in the 
prescribed source of information for the item (see 
X.0B2 in AACR2). 

RDA 2.12 provides guidelines on recording series

First  Undefined

 blank Undefined
Second  Nonfiling characters
   0-9 Number of nonfiling characters present

Note:(The Library of Congress always drops 
the initial article and uses 0 here.)

     a Uniform title (NR) 

     n Number of part/section of a work (R) 

     p Name of part/section of a work (R)
     l Language of a work (NR) 

     v Volume number/sequential designation (NR) 

     x International Standard Serial Number (NR)


Subfield n is preceded by a period. 

Subfield p is preceded by a comma when following a
subfield n. 

Subfield p is preceded by a period when following a 
subfield a. 

Subfield l is preceded by a period. 

Subfield v is preceded by a space semi-colon. 

The field ends with a mark of punctuation 
(., !, ?, -) or a closing parenthesis.


     490 1  _aNow hiring
     830  0 _aNow hiring (New York, N.Y.)

     490 1  _aPerspectives
     830  0 _aPerspectives (Marshall Cavendish

     490 1  _aReading skills series
     830  0 _aReading skills.
            _nSeries 1.

     490 1  _aBertage zu Theorie und Kultur der
              Sinne ;
     830  0 _aFolkwang-Texte.
            _pBeitage zu Theorie und Kultur der 
              Sinne ;
            _vBd. 3.

     490 1  _aVideo lecture series ;
     830  0 _aVideo lecture series (Institute for
              Mediterranean Studies) ;
            _vvol. 1.

     490 1  _aArt of the Italic peoples
     830  0 _aArt des peuples italiques.